Friday, December 19, 2014

Puke-A-Palooza 2014 & Why My Husband Is A Freaking Rockstar

Man, when we said "in sickness and in health", I don't think Daniel knew what he was getting himself into....

Each family has a harrowing tale in their family that they are rightfully proud to have survived, this will definitely be one of ours.

Last Friday night when we got home from our ward Christmas party Gracie was a bit cranky but we figured that was because it was past her bedtime and she had to leave her "fwiends". Boy, were we wrong...after putting her to bed she started crying. But we figured it was because she was over tired. Then we heard it. BLLLLEEECH.

Daniel ran in and sure enough, there was puke EVERYWHERE. I got up to go help and well...didn't even get into her room before the smell made me vomit. (Yay pregnancy!) So I am puking in the kitchen trash can while Daniel is bathing Gracie.

I get done hurling my life away and get Grace out of the tub to get her new jammies on (in our room as her room is now the epicenter) while Daniel cleans up.

Well, then I started having ridiculous contractions. Like...the kind you really have to breathe through. Then I thought, hey maybe I just have to go to the bathroom. BAD IDEA. Not only did I have one of the worst contractions of my life, but I also puked some more. Daniel got there right in time to pull my hair back. Then he literally had to CARRY me out of there. I was sobbing I was in so much pain. He put me on the bed and got a contraction app out to start monitoring how close they were. Then as he leaves to finish Gracie's room, Gracie walks right over to me, rubs her tummy, and pukes some more. I call Daniel in the room as best as I can because wouldn't ya know it? I am in the middle of a contraction when she starts puking again.

That is basically how the night went. Daniel would be making sure I was timing my contractions (they were 6 minutes apart for 2-3 hours. It got pretty scary there for a bit!), holding my hair as I puked, helping me to and from the bathroom, and helping me breathe THROUGH some of those contractions (Not all were bad, but a few truly took my breath away). ALL while holding Gracie's hair back as she puked everywhere, trying to catch most of that puke in a device, cleaning up what he couldn't catch, cleaning up Gracie, laying her back down, and rubbing her back till this cycle started all over again.
Top was Saturday afternoon after she had recovered a bit from the night before.
Bottom was during the thick of it. Is it bad I thought she was so cute, even though she felt like junk? 
This went on....for hours. Her last puke was at 5 am Saturday morning. Luckily my puking and contractions stopped around 2-3am so I was able to go to sleep. Daniel, I think, got two hours of sleep and that man made sure I slept in and took care of Grace in the morning and made sure I didn't do anything to set off more contractions.

Don't let my thoughts about him being a scrooge sway you, the man is a freaking rockstar and I married the best guy ever in the whole world. I will fight you on that one.

Saturday night, still warm from a fever, and not eating anything, but better!
WE SURVIVED! Thanks to Daddy!

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