Tuesday, December 16, 2014

We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Christmas is my very favorite holiday. I love the joy it brings and just *ugh* it's just so wonderful. One of my FAVORITE things to get during the holidays is all my friends and families Christmas cards. We hang them on a string on our house, or attach them to our cabinets and keep them on display for the season. I love seeing my friends with their cute little families reaching out to spread some holiday cheer.

Part of the reason I take family photos in the Fall is so that I can use those photos for our Christmas cards. 

Last year I used tinyprints/shutterfly for the first time to make my Christmas cards, partly because I had an awesome coupon and partly because they had a LOT of choices within my budget. 

This is last years card:

How cute, right?! The back had an update on how our family was doing and another picture. I loved them!

This year I knew I wanted to go the same route because I had such a good experience last year and this year when I got my new stamp! 

How cute are these!?! And when I picked them out I thought they came on that photo paper stuff, but nope it came on like...hard board? I don't know what it's called but it's sturdy and really makes the cards look really cool. And how perfect does the card match our pictures?!

It was SUPER easy to arrange the pictures I wanted on the card, and even edit them if I needed to. There are a TON of options for each card so you really can personalize it to your own tastes. I knew I wanted to showcase how cute my family was but not over kill it and this layout I think does that well.

 I, of course, used my tinyprints stamp to send all the letters out, because it just looks fancy and cool and what better occasion to use it then on your Christmas cards? (Heck, I use it for our bills but it's nice to use it for fancy stuff too!) 

I hope that people think the same way about Christmas cards as I do and that these are hanging on someone's fridge, or taped to their cabinets. I hope they know that we love them and see this card as an extension of our love to say "Hey! You! We like you, have a picture of our family to remind you of that this holiday season." It's always nice to feel loved and appreciated and I know I feel both of those things every time someone troubles to send me anything, especially a Christmas card.

What do your Christmas cards look like?

Tanika Rice


  1. I love cards printed on card stock. They look SO good. Also, your cards are beautiful!

  2. These are cute...I should do Christmas cards. Maybe next year I will.

  3. I used snapfish this year for ours but I'm thinking next year might be time to try Tiny Prints.... I have gotten other people's cards made by them and I love them!

  4. Christmas cards may just be my favorite part about Christmas! Your cards turned out perfect! I just knew they would when I saw your gorgeous pictures on FB. I seriously have to buy that red dress. It's gorgeous!


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