Thursday, January 29, 2015

6 Weeks

I had a doctor appointment yesterday and boy did it change some things!

I was always going to be induced at the 40 week date (March 21st). I am not allowed to go overdue and to be frank, I don't want to anyway. (Still birth rates go up dramatically at 40+1.) But then I realized my due date falls on a Saturday so I was asking the doctor if we would induce on Saturday or on Friday, because I was pretty sure that the hospital didn't schedule inductions over the weekend. I was basically just asking for confirmation that we'd induce on the 20th of March (that Friday).

He told me that at 39 weeks, if little dude hasn't come on his own and there aren't any problems, that he'd like to take the baby early. He told me to pick a date!

I turn 39 weeks on march 14th which is a Saturday, so the 14th & 15th are out, and my niece was born on the 16th so that's out too. In reality we have the 17th-20th to choose from.

I am leaning towards the 17th because how awesome would it be to have a lucky charm baby? But I also think it's just good luck. Delivery is the scary part for me, so I feel like I can use all the luck I can get! We will see though, Daniel isn't so keen on the idea.

But this has gotten me freaked out a bit! I really want to go into labor naturally with little dude. I want that experience of "Oh! My water broke!!" When I had Gracie, my water was broken for me during labor, so not quite the same thing. I also really don't want pitocin so I am looking into natural induction methods to stay away from pitocin as long as we can, because I certainly don't want a c-section either (and it's more dangerous for me to have a c-section anyway).

I am nervous because I was IN labor with Gracie when they broke my water and started me on pitocin...that labor took 27.5 hours!!!! What will it be like when we start from nothing?!

Did I mention how much I hope he comes on his own?!?!

Big news in our house and even though it's just a few days early...for some reason saying he will be here in 6 weeks freaks me out! That is NO time! (But somehow 7 weeks is? I don't get me sometimes...)

So here is to deep lunges and bouncin' on a ball at 39 weeks!



P.S. Gracie has bacterial conjunctivitis, which is the fancy way of saying she has bacterial pink-eye. Which isn't as contagious as viral pink-eye, which is the most common form of pink-eye. Is it bad that I am glad she most likely didn't get this from poop? She most likely got it from inoculating herself by rubbing her eyes and cutting it and having bacteria get in it. We gave her the first dose of the medicine last night (a cream that goes INSIDE HER EYE) and it already looks SO MUCH better this morning. Thank the good lord for modern medicine!!!!


  1. Crazy! He will be here before you know it! Hope Gracie feels better asap!

  2. Folely bulb catheter...whatever you do, don't let them use cytotec. It's not really supposed to be for induction but Ob's use it anyway and is known to increase risk of uterine rupture.


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