Friday, January 9, 2015

Bed Rest

If you follow me on twitter or I guess anywhere really, you know I have been struggling with contractions this pregnancy and keeping them under control and keep me out of Labor and Delivery.

I lost that battle on Tuesday. I had been having contractions since last Saturday, insane back pain and a host of other issues. I avoided it as long as I could and then I had to go in.

At my last appt with my doctor I was told my cervix length was in the "low range" of normal. It was a 2.8 when it should have been a 3-3.5. So I knew that there was a chance I could be dilating from this whole deal or that my cervix was thinning more. Both things are bad when you are but 29 weeks pregnant, so I went in.
The best part about being in L&D is getting to hear the baby's heartbeat for so long! The best sound. 
Long story short, my cervix has thinned more, little dude is still breach and literally sitting RIGHT on top of my cervix (still). So I am on moderate bed rest until my appointment next Wednesday when my doctor can evaluate me from there and do another cervix measurement.

I made a little post about it, just letting people know (it is just easier than calling family individually) and holy cow, I have been so humbled by the outpouring of support and love. I am not supposed to clean or do laundry--things that are physically taxing. It's only till my appointment on Wednesday. (I am hopeful my doctor will take me off it.) I feel bad that so many people are offering to help and bringing us dinner and messages of support. It's not as if I am on strict bed rest where the baby is in danger or something. I guess I just don't feel like it's that serious and that I am usurping their care & attention away from things/people that really need it? I don't know. I have a big issue accepting help from people, especially when I don't think I need it specifically.

Our neighbor that I have only met once brought us two meals, knitted socks for me and Gracie and carrot cake. I mean, how freaking nice!!
Whether I think I deserve it or not--I do want to thank those who have brought us dinner and my friend who watched Gracie while I went to L&D. There are angels everywhere and I am so grateful to God for bringing amazing people into my life.

So, for now, I am just taking it easy. Gracie is looooving it because it means that she gets to watch a movie or two each day so I can lay down for a bit when I need to.

There is a post wide baby shower thing I registered for way back in September (The Air Force Key Spouse Family Readiness throws a big shower for the pregnant women on the base (that are affiliated with the military) every quarter. It's awesome and a chance to meet more mommy's that are due around the same time you are.) that I am really hoping to be able to go to on Monday. I figure I am just going to sit in a chair and eat food...I should be okay, right? Especially if I take it easy this weekend?

I don't know, we will see how I feel on Monday, I guess!

See ya back here tomorrow for the bumpdate! (I swear, one day it will be on time and be posted on Saturday LOL)



  1. You scared me when I read that you had lost the battle. I'm glad you and baby are doing fine. Praying for you and God Bless.

  2. I'm so glad you and Little Man are okay! I'm sorry about being on bed rest though–that's rough. But girl, don't feel bad about people wanting to help! Just remember that your trial is giving them an opportunity to serve and grow closer to the Savior. :)

  3. I can relate with you when you say it's hard to accept the help. What a blessing to have so many people close to you to help though! Hope all goes well.

  4. I'm sorry you're on bed rest, but I'm glad that you both are OK. Just a few more weeks and hopefully you won't be on bed rest by that time anyway.


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