Saturday, January 10, 2015

Bumpin' It Up! || 30 Weeks

30 Weeks ||

Due Date | March 21st, 2015

Gender BOY! :)

Name | It's a secret :) 

Size | Probably 3.5 lbs by now

Hormones | They've been pretty good this week actually, even with how stressful it's been. I have been way more lovey dovey than normal but I think that's better than the alternative. ;) 

Weight | +24 lbs 

Body | Check out YESTERDAY'S post for that...

Sleep | Still uncomfortable :( and the pregnancy insomnia has come back. I can't usually get to sleep till about 4 and Gracie wakes up at 7:30. sleep for me. But I am actually a little okay with that because that's little dude's active time and it's like a little party for him and me :) 

Fun Fact | Little dude should start moving down this week. Which is great because home boy is breech and facing my back and he needs to turn because ain't nobody got time for a c-section. 

Best Moment of The Week | Seeing and feeling all the love and support we have around us. It's hard being away from family, especially when you're pregnant, and I am so grateful for the amazing friends we have made here who love us. <3 

Next Appointment | Jan 14 !

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  1. Here is to baby turning around! You still look great mama!


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