Sunday, January 4, 2015

Bumpin' It Up! | Week 29

*sigh* a day late...again. One day I will get it together. One day...
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29 Weeks ||

Due Date | March 21st, 2015

Gender BOY! :) 

Name | It's a secret :) 

Size | At his appointment on Dec. 23rd he weighed a whopping 2 lbs 9 oz! Baby boy is probably a bit more than 3 lbs by now. 

Hormones | I won't lie, I had a BAD breakdown a few nights ago...New Years Eve actually. I don't think it was hormone related, but I also don't think hormones helped out the situation.

Weight | +24 lbs 

Body | My body is sore a lot of the time. My back is generally always hurting but I can manage it.  I am thinking little dude flipped because I am getting a lot more action on the left side these days and that has previously been a spot that saw no action. So I am really hoping he flipped. We will see in a few weeks.

I have also been having a lot of contractions this week. Unfortunately they aren't just Braxton Hicks contractions. So we are keeping a close eye on them and if they get any worse or closer together we will be making a trip to L&D. This guy just can't wait to say hello! 

Sleep | Still uncomfortable. Still have to pee a bazillion times a night. No sleep for me. 

Fun Fact | 
Tiny dude is getting bigger and bigger and I can feel it. His kicks can really hurt now if he angles them just right. 

Best Moment of The Week | This week has been full of potty training Gracie so the day she went without any accidents, or the day she first told me she had to go potty and then went potty on the potty, are probably my best moments this week. 

Next Appointment | Jan 14 for another growth scan & dr appt.

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  1. You still look great mama! Hoping little man stays put!


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