Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Diaper Bag Heaven

When I found out I was pregnant, I knew I was going to need a good diaper bag. We went through THREE diaper bags with Gracie, plus two totes and right now we are actually using one of my over-night bags to carry her crap around. (Potty training requires lots of stuff when you go out of the house.) So with Gracie's stuff plus all the stuff for a newborn? I needed a good diaper bag that would last and be functional.

I knew almost immediately that I wanted a Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag. I had heard such amazing things from everyone who had one. But what I couldn't reconcile was the $180+ price tag. When I thought about it, I had spent more than that on Gracie's diaper bag/totes in the last two years. One of the diaper bags I had bought previously was $50 and it only lasted about 6 months before it ripped. That seemed to justify it. One thing these diaper bags are known for is their durability.

But still, I wanted to see some, feel them, get an idea of what they were before I spent such a large chunk of change on one. Luckily, I have awesome people in my ward who don't mind me going through their diaper bags. That was it, I was sold. I wanted the Boxy Backpack diaper bag for sure.(Deciding the type of bag was hard! So many good choices.)

Once I got Daniel on board, it was all about finding the right one.

They say things happen for a reason and not that I think God cares about what type of diaper bag I get, but I was going to buy one the other day; just bite the bullet and get one. I AM SO GLAD I DIDN'T.

Petunia Pickle Bottom is having an outlet sale right now and I got a $180 diaper bag for $70. (!!!)

The one I was going to buy the other day was this exact pattern but in black. Daniel was pretty firm that I couldn't get anything that he couldn't carry around on his own, so nothing too girly. That automatically took out the Persimmon Spice one. (Dang! Because I love that one!

Daniel helped pick the color with this one, and well--we will never lose it! The black one I originally wanted was also on sale, but about $30 more dollars. Which is still an AMAZING deal, but then I saw the yellow one and Daniel saw it at the same time and we were both like "What about that one!" That was it. It was in my shopping cart in half a second flat. 


Who knew I could get so excited over a diaper bag? 

If you're a mamma, or a mamma to be--head over to that outlet sale and get in on the savings!! It ends on the 15th so get on it while you can! 



  1. That color is awesome! I use a Vera Bradley diaper bag and love it! I never worry about it getting dirty!

  2. What an awesome deal! We honestly don't really use our diaper bag that often. ..but for baby two I'll keep this in mind: )


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