Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Getting Ready for Baby #2

8 weeks to go and I still feel like we have so much to do! We waited a bit too long to get all this stuff done because we didn't want to do any of it over the holidays. In reality, we can do all of it in one day if we wanted to, but the list of individual things to do and get is still overwhelming to me.

I saw my friend Maegen from The Modern Tulip make a list of things she needs to get done and I thought I'd do the same. Making a big generalized list makes it seem like there isn't so much to do and kind of relaxes me a bit.

There are two lists: one that is for buying and one is for doing. 

We still have a lot of things from Gracie, so the only *big* purchase we need to make is a dresser for him. We need a few other "bigger" items like a new bouncer and a new boppy, but really just clothes and diapers.

The biggest thing for me right now is getting the finishing touches done on his room and making sure all the little stuff is bought and cleaned before he gets here. For some reason he has no bath stuff? So we are taking care of that this weekend. Not an expensive purchase by any means but definitely something we need to get before he gets here. Little guy has to take a bath!

I am packing my hospital bag this weekend!! I am excited because it makes it all super real and man it just gets me so anxious!! It will be weird putting things into a bag and knowing that when I take it out I will be having a baby! AH!

I also need to pre-register at my hospital and complete a hospital tour. I've been to L&D so many times now I am not sure if that's necessary ;) But it would be good to know where everything is and what the actual delivery floor is like and their safety precautions they take. I won't be able to do that until Daniel is out of a specific kind of training because he can't miss work right now, not even for an hour. But I will pre-register at my next appointment this Wednesday.

His name...oh man. His name has been an issue since we found out he was a boy. I have thought we had his name THREE times. THREE TIMES GUYS. Then when I start referring to little dude by his name, Daniel says "Oh, I didn't know we had decided..." WHAT!? He really wants to wait till he is born to name him buuuuut no. I can't do that. Plus, that isn't something I want to argue about with my fresh-from-heaven baby in my arms, ya know? I just want to welcome him into the world by his name!! What's more is we are keeping his name completely secret & we had agreed on a way to announce it involving a blanket with his name on it while we are in the hospital. Well, I can't very well order that blanket until we have a for sure name, can I? Those blankets have a 3-4 week turn around...so I mean...we gotta get that locked down if that's how we are going to announce his name.

To be honest, the second list freaks me out more than the first one does!

Anything I'm missing?



  1. You guys are busy. I may have asked before... are you delivering at Trinity?

  2. You guys are busy. I may have asked before... are you delivering at Trinity?


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