Friday, January 16, 2015

Hi-Five For Friday!

For some entire pregnancy has flown by but January is just dddddddrrrrrraaaaaaggggggiiiinnnnngggggggggg. This week was hard won I tell you!

1 //
We painted!! Hooray! This was while paint was drying and before touch-ups but man...I just love this color! It really is just a beautiful and dynamic navy blue. I wish I could get a good picture of it!

The best part? I got this paint for free because I had to deal with a misogynist butt-hole at Home Depot and the manager gave me my paint for free! So I haven't even dipped into my budget for his room yet! Hooray! 

I am glad to get a start on little dude's nursery because man...I feel so far behind & unprepared! 

2 //
Binky holder, receiving blankets, diaper holders, taggie blanket, carseat cover
This weekend is going to be full of sewing. I am going to JoAnn's today to get fabric. I knew I wanted to make a lot of what little dude would be using because holy crap, buying it for Gracie just got to be too expensive and I wasn't ever crazy about anything in my price range. I spent about a week on pinterest looking at things I wanted to make and I made a list: receiving blankets, burp cloths, chew guard for crib, pillow for the glider, maybe a crib sheet, a tag blanket, carseat cover, and his baby blanket. As I was surfing the web I found two completely unnecessary but totally awesome things I want to do: a binky tote (because why the heck not) and a diaper tote (again, because why not?) I am all for organization and everything having it's own spot. It's a lot of stuff, but it should keep me busy for awhile! 

3// I am OFF bedrest! I knew I would be because the reason L&D put me on it--my doc already knew about. So if he wanted to put me on bedrest--he would have already. Ya know? Little dude ALSO turned! He is officially head down! *phew* He is sunny-side up at the moment so he still has a bit of turning to do, but he still has time! I am just so stinkin' glad he turned because if he hadn't they were going to manually turn him at my next appointment. NO THANK YOU. 

4// Potty training is going well! She very RARELY has pee accidents. Her only pee accidents have been after naps when she just isn't awake enough to hold it. Still no poo on the potty though. The next step is that I am going to start taking her places more often. I have been so scared to, I just don't want to deal with pee and or poop in public!!! But ya gotta do it, right? So far all of our outings have been a GIANT success! Just gotta get used to going to the bathroom every 30 minutes, which as a pregnant person I suppose I should be used to! ;)
This picture has nothing to do with potty training but she does look pretty cute, right?
5// Saving the best news for last: My sister-in-law is pregnant with a little girl who is due in June!!! I AM SO EXCITED! Perfect timing because we are flying out at the end of June with little dude to bless him so we get to see the new baby too! Gracie is going to have a little girlie friend! Gracie is going from the only grandchild to the oldest of three in a rather short amount of time! So many babies to love and I am just brimming with excitement!

Hope ya'll have a good and relaxing 4 day weekend!




  1. You look so beautiful, I'm so glad they took you off bed rest. And your baby girl is just too adorable.

  2. Yay for other babies in the family! Love that blue and all those sewing diys.


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