Friday, January 23, 2015

Hi-Five for Friday!

I freaking love these gift bags. But that tissue flaked off all over our kitchen table. :/
1//  I love baby showers. If I can, I always go when I am invited. I just love celebrating little babies (and cake)! Tomorrow I have a dual shower for two lovely ladies in my church. It gets me so excited for my shower coming up! I just love hanging with friends to celebrate all the babies! (I swear, I have an unhealthy love for all babies. They are just so squishy and cute! Plus I love being around someone who was so recently in heaven, it's just so spiritual and gives me lots of warm fuzzies.)

2// I got my diaper bag this week (and a whole day early)!

It looks a bit more green in real life than I thought but I still love it. It just feels like good quality fabric and so sturdy. It fits all of Gracie's stuff--no problem, with a ton of room for the babes stuff as well. Hooray! I seriously could not be happier with a diaper bag. 

3// Grace went #2 on the potty!!! We have had minor successes with #2, where she will either start going and then stop (and finish in her pants) or she will start in her pants and finish in the potty. We have had one other #2 victory on the potty until today. I could just tell the poor thing was holding it in, so I just put her on the bigger potty and walked away and the kid did her thing. We threw a party, haha! I can tell she feels a lot better and I feel like we are making massive strides with this potty thing. She even tried to go to the potty yesterday all on her own without telling me first, but she was wearing jeans and couldn't get her pants down in time and peed right there in front of the potty. I felt bad for her! But I still praised her for trying. She's been doing so well with all of this, I think she has earned a fun day out to celebrate her hard work. Any ideas?

4// This week I bought a bunch of fabric to get sewing projects done for little dudes room. I got fabric for a small chew guard to cover where Gracie woodchucked the crib when it was hers, and fabric for receiving blankets and burp cloths. I got all the burp cloths finished and I am SUPER happy with them.

You can make your own following this tutorial. It is wicked easy and just takes a bit of time. I love these kinds of burp cloths; they are the most absorbent things ever. 

This is pretty much how I am feeling, even though I have two months left, not just one. 

This week has been pretty darn calm, contraction wise. I had one bad day that was pretty much my own fault from over-doing it. Other than that, little dude has been happily bouncing around in there, getting the hiccups a lot and enjoying his waterbed while he can. 

For some reason I feel like he is going to come on the 17th of March, which happens to be St. Patricks Day. How fun would that be?!

We have really started getting things ready for him. His room is painted, and the crib is set up. We washed his clothes and put them away -- the more we get done, the more relaxed I feel. Just setting up his crib made me feel a big weight lift off my shoulders. Which is weird, because he won't even be in it for the first few months of his life! Nesting is weird, ya'll.

Have a good weekend my friends!

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  1. Love those gift bags! And I actually really love baby and bridal showers, too! They beat the heck out of birthday parties in my opinion! I'm getting so excited for you!


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