Tuesday, February 3, 2015

And it's only Tuesday...

This week has just been nuts already. This entire weekend, I struggled with contractions (which is why there was no bump-date on Saturday). They never got closer than 8 minutes apart but boy howdy those were NOT fun and wouldn't go away no matter what I did. I even stayed home from church because of them.

Yesterday, the contractions had subsided but were replaced with searing back pain. It was almost like someone was consistently punching me in the back. That coupled with decreased movement from my usually rambunctious ninja, sent us to L&D...again.

I loathe going to L&D. Loathe it. Unless I am going there to HAVE a baby, I don't want to be in there.  But any time I call the doctor, it's like as soon as I say I am having any problems, they send me right to L&D. It's a fault of being high-risk I guess, but I hate it. I am a little more paranoid with this pregnancy, but just because it has had so many problems. I have NO problem with someone just telling me whatever is going on is fine and normal and I need to put my big girl panties on and deal with it.

Which essentially what happened yesterday. Little dude ended up being just fine and healthy, he looked great on the monitors. As soon as they hooked me up and got his heartbeat going, I started crying from relief and a few minutes later he started kicking. He had been active most of the morning and then just STOPPED and nothing I did was working to get him to move, and I am a definite rather safe than sorry person when it comes to baby moving.

As for the back pain, it's just SI-joint pain. VERY common in the late stages of pregnancy and can hurt so bad that you can't walk, and wouldn't ya know it? It feels like someone is punching you consistently in the back. The doctor kept apologizing that there wasn't "something" wrong, and I am like...I am 33 weeks pregnant, why would I want there to be something wrong? I would rather there be totally fine than have something be wrong. I am totally okay with that. It does make me wonder what kind of patients this guy gets on a normal basis.  I was wondering why I didn't have back pain like this with Gracie, and then Daniel reminded me I had chiropractic care throughout my pregnancy with Grace. *ding! ding! ding!*

Today the back pain is still there, but knowing I am fine and it's just pain from pregnancy somehow makes me feel a bit better. I took a warm bath last night and I think that helped with the muscles because I can at least walk better today.

So, a few more weeks of being in pain and being uncomfortable; well worth the price of a beautiful baby boy I say!

Tomorrow is our next doctor appointment and this is an ultrasound to check on him and how big he is getting.

I am excited to see him :)

Hope your week is going better than mine!


A hopefully in a better mood tomorrow,


  1. I hated going too! I had to go twice a week for non stress tests and it was the worst. Hope you get some rest mama!

  2. I was hoping this week would be less eventful for you than last :( I'll be praying for you too friend!!!

  3. Yikes! Just a little longer little man. I hope you get some relief from your pain very soon!

  4. Yikes! Just a little longer little man. I hope you get some relief from your pain very soon!


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