Saturday, February 21, 2015

Bumpin' It Up! || 36 Weeks

It has been a really busy week in our house, and next week is going to get even crazier. Sorry for this late post, and the no-posting at all this past week. Trust me when I say I truly didn't have the time! Hope to be back on schedule next week!
Dress by Pink Blush  // Child by me

36 Weeks ||

Due Date | March 21st, 2015    ||     Induction Date: March 20, 2015

Gender BOY! :)

Name | It's a secret.

Size | I am guessing about 6 lbs by now

Feeling | My body has really gave out this week. I started getting REALLY bad contractions on Friday night. They were 4 minutes apart for a long time, but because I didn't think real labor started at 4 minutes, we stayed home. I wish I went in!! But I guess not because eventually they simmered down so I could finally go to sleep around 2 am. I still woke up with ridiculous back pain and right side pain that we had to monitor all day long. Plus I kept having contractions all darn day today. We are on labor watch again tonight and most likely tomorrow. Heck, I guess we are on labor watch from this point on! I have always felt he would come early, but now I am thinking even more so. We will see if that's reality or just my anxiety...

Hormones | I am just tired guys, and I am just getting to the point where I am just done. I love being a vessel for him to grow, but I am ridiculously uncomfortable and just...done. It's leading to a few cry-it-outs here and there. 

Body | My feet are swelling, my back aches like crazy, contractions KILL, my skin is unbearably itchy, and I am exhausted. 

Sleep | No sleep as of late. Too many contractions, too uncomfortable, and I have to pee too much. I am lucky if I get a few hours in. 

Nursery | All of his furniture is here and put together, everything is set up and his clothes are washed and put away. Now we just need to finish the decoration and it's done! We are waiting for the propeller to be done & we are waiting on some bunting to come in. Monday we are going to get the big decoration pieces and hopefully we will be done with his room soon! I know it will take a BIG stress off of me to have it done. 

Missing | Being able to sit or stand comfortably. 

Best Moment of The Week | Well, it's kind of a mix of one thing: Since we got the glider put together and his room cleared out of extra junk, we have all been going in there at night to hang out. I love it! I can't wait for little dude to actually be here so he can join in :) 

Next Appointment |  Tuesday at 1pm -- which is what it is from here on out. Every Tuesday at 1pm! At this appointment I get all the last blood work and tests done. I am going to see if I can weasel in a quick look-see at little dude if I can. Mainly because I am a bit worried he may have flipped. I'd hate for him to engage sunny-side up. We will see, let's just say--I am looking forward to Tuesday. 

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