Saturday, February 28, 2015

Bumpin' It Up || 37 weeks

What do you think of my new hair? Didn't change it that much, just a few highlights really. :) 

37 WEEKS ||

Due Date | March 21st, 2015    ||    Induction Date: March 20, 2015

Gender BOY! :)

Name | It's a secret.

Size | I am guessing about 6.5 lbs by now

Feeling | Tired and a bit rundown. More than anything I have some anxiety. I am so torn between wanting him to come already and wanting him to stay in there forever. I am scared (and excited!!) of how much our lives are going to change but mostly I am worried about how this will all impact Gracie. I think too much, basically. 

Hormones | I am so incredibly exhausted and it's making me more prone to tears. I am also just hormonal anyway. Lots of tears.

Body | Swollen, and huge. Baby dropped a few weeks ago and boy am I feeling that big head down there! We are full-on waddling now!

We were pretty sure he was going to come two days ago. I was having ridiculous contractions and back labor. We were just waiting for them to get to 5 minutes apart. They got closer and closer and stronger and stronger. We really thought we'd be having a baby! Then it all just randomly STOPPED at 4 am. Nuts. I am okay with that though, still a little too early for him to be making his appearance. But man, that really really REALLY hurt.

Sleep | None. Some days I am lucky if I get 3 hours of sleep. It's making me cranky. I just need a good good gooooood nap and I really feel like a lot of my issues will go away...or at least get better. I feel like I could sleep for a week! 

Nursery | All the basics are in there. We went shopping on Monday to finish the room decoration and I was SO stinkin' mad because Hobby Lobby was either sold out of what I wanted, or what they did have was broken. I left in a really bad mood and started crying. *sigh* I did get his baby bunting in the mail though and it's beautiful so that made me happy. :) 

Missing | sleep and cold cut sandwiches...what I wouldn't give for some Subway right now...

Best Moment of The Week | Realizing that his room is done enough for him to come home. We officially don't need anything for him anymore. Finishing his room decor is strictly for me. It is a relief to feel ready for him. (Well, as ready as I can be.) 

Fun Facts | At my 36 week appointment on Tuesday I was 50% effaced and dilated to a 1. That may not seem like a big deal to ya'll and really--it isn't. BUT when I went into labor with Gracie at 39 weeks, I was sealed tight. I was truly starting from nothing and it took the longest amount of time to efface to 100% and an even longer amount of time to dilate fully. So I feel like I have hope of being able to go into labor naturally, skip the induction and stay away from pitocin. 

Daniel thinks little dude will be born March 18th. Any other guesses? So far, almost everyone has said the 18th, too. I can't wait to see if they are all right!  

My amazing mother-in-law flies in on the 18th so that would definitely be an exciting day for her! 

Next Appointment |  Tuesday @ 1! We get an ultrasound this time, and it will most likely be the last one of this pregnancy. It's to check his cord flow, his growth and his position. It'll be nice to see him, too! 

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  1. I'm not really a sandwich person at all, but man not being able to have sandwiches during pregnancy drove me mad. We had Blimpie the night she was born!!!:) Also, I think too much, too. But I'm getting super excited for you guys!


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