Friday, February 6, 2015

Hi-Five for Friday

YAY! I am SO excited it's Friday because that means tomorrow is Saturday which means...

1// My baby shower is tomorrow!! My good friend is throwing me a baby shower and I am just so darn thankful and so excited. It's been hard to be pregnant and be away from family and my other friends. So it'll be awesome to just hang around with some amazing ladies and some cake while we celebrate this little dude. I even got a dress for it & I just gotta run out today and get some tights to wear with it!
Not surprising, it's pinkblush! 
2// We are doing some major baby shopping this weekend. Not only are we finishing up the things we need for HIM, but his nursery should be 99% complete by Monday, and 100% complete as soon as some orders from Etsy come in. HOORAY. I found these perfect knobs for his room! Can't wait to get them in the mail. 

Ignore the pearls, but how perfect are those knobs for his room?! I die. 
3// If you remember, I told you that we get to decide what day little dude gets to come into the world (if he doesn't come on his own). We were supposed to schedule that yesterday BUT we decided to wait. I want to wait until about 38 weeks and see if I have made any progress. If I haven't at all, then we will induce on the 17th. If I have, then we are going to wait for the 20th and give him as much time as we can to come on his own. It's insane that we are to the point of talking about him BEING here. It's kind of throwing me off that he will be here soon and really he could be here at any time because at 34 weeks, they typically don't stop labor. So if he decides to come after tomorrow, then out he will come. Isn't that crazy? I hope he sticks in there till after 38 weeks though, we like our babies fully baked!

4// Because I have been sick lately in the morning (yay 3rd trimester exhaustion and morning sickness!) Gracie has been watching TV so that I can get myself together. I'm not proud of that, but ya do what ya gotta do. Anyway, she watches this show called Super Why! and holy crap, that kid LOVES it. I don't mind it TOO much because it teaches her to read, read sight words and to spell. She's learned a lot in just the week or so she's been watching it in the morning. She really loves to learn and even if it is through the TV, I am glad she soaks up things like that. The kid can count to 30, she can site read about 6 words more if we have her spell her them out first, she knows the sounds each letter makes, she knows her vowels, she knows her alphabet and the alphabet song, she knows all of her colors, even beige!!, She knows her shapes, even a pentagon...I mean this kid, she loves to learn. She even counts herself to sleep sometimes! I really think she may have a photographic memory. I love that she loves to learn and that she's a sponge. I hope she stays that way! 
Reading her new book her grandma got her.
5// We should get our taxes back today or this weekend sometime, according to the IRS (but can you ever really trust the IRS?) and it sucks but a lot of it is going to eliminating payments and paying down debt, the rest is going into savings. Responsibility, eh? We are going to do a few fun things though, like finally get that new camera I want! Nothing crazy because I am not a professional photographer, but a nicer camera than my phone. I am pretty darn excited to get that thing! But it got me excited for my birth photos! I have a friend (who took our family pictures this fall) who is going to come to the hospital and take pictures after little dude is born. (That's right, after, ain't no one with a camera getting near the birthing room. No one needs to see that.) So I am scouring pinterest for good ideas! I know I definitely want a lot of pictures for the first time Gracie sees him because I will be crying too hard (I am sure) to be able to see that moment clearly. ;)

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend, I know I will!




  1. had fun at your baby shower and got a lot done this weekend. The weather was nice, so hopefully that helped!

  2. had fun at your baby shower and got a lot done this weekend. The weather was nice, so hopefully that helped!


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