Friday, February 13, 2015

Hi Five For Friday!

This week has been one of the busiest weeks in awhile. Not really for me, but for Daniel. He had a majorly important two day test on Monday & Tuesday. Got his wisdom teeth pulled on Wednesday and then had to be back to work today. Meanwhile, there was a baby appointment on Tuesday, Gracie's therapy appointment on Thursday and a Factor VII appointment today. *phew* Long week!

1 // We go do the hospital tour tomorrow! I am excited because even though I have been to L&D several times, I have never been to the birth wing and I have never really seen everything. It's gonna be good!

2 // Tomorrow is Valentine's Day! Do you guys have any plans? We don't really celebrate Valentines Day. We got Gracie some cute little gifts but Daniel and I just...well, we think this holiday is kind of pointless unless you have kids. Then the valentines are just fun and it's basically Halloween without the dress up. I can't wait to be at that stage with Gracie; making her valentine's box, helping her with her classmates, kids make holidays a bajillion times more fun.

3 // I hate when it's Friday the 13th. I always feel like I can't do anything or something bad will happen. I am really not a superstitious person, but something about Friday the 13th just freaks me out! Do you guys get freaked by any superstitions? Which ones?

4 // We got a big chunk of baby shopping done. I ended up going with a completely different glider/rocker than I originally wanted which surprised me because that was the one thing I was sure on from the get go. Weird how things change, isn't it? But there is serious progress being made on little dudes room. We are waiting on the furniture shipment and then after that it's all decorative details. I can't wait to get it all together! Then maybe I will get around to finishing Gracie's room...

5 // Gracie has started dressing herself in the mornings and oh's adorable. I should really start doing a series of what outfits she chooses for herself, because they are hysterical but SO Gracie and full of color.

Her daddy taught her to "pose" with her arms held like that. Hilarious, isn't it? 

That's polka dot leg warmers, her "color squares" shorts, a kitty cat shirt (that requires at least 4 "meooooow"'s to put on) and a Tinkerbell clip in her hair. She is never short on entertainment, that's for sure.

She ended up putting on her daddy's shoes (complete with pretend tying the shoe laces--which was adorable.) and putting her coat on to go talk to Grandma and Papa. I should start making posts about the things she says because toddler speak is the best and Gracie is stinkin' hilarious. 

I hope you all have the best weekend full of loooooooove! ;) 

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