Friday, February 27, 2015

Hi-Five for Friday!

1// Tomorrow is the last day of February which means we are OFFICIALLY in due date month. HOORAY!

2// I have a hair appointment today at 10 am. I haven't had my hair cut since August, and I haven't had it dyed in almost a year. Thankfully, we can afford a trip to the salon so I don't feel grundy and ugly anymore! LOL I just want to look nice in our first pictures as a family in the hospital! (I even have Daniel's clothes picked out. That's right, when I go into labor, he is gonna change into the shirt I want him in LOL) I just looked like a hot mess after Gracie was born and man, I just want pictures I can look at and not want to crop myself out of them. No worries family, we have a photographer coming to the hospital to take pictures after he is born ;)

I am debating between these colors. I still haven't made a decision! I LOVE being blonde, but it's upkeep is expensive and time consuming. Daniel LOVES me being brunette but I am getting sick of just being brunette all the time. It makes me feel a bit like a soccer mom...but maybe if I add some dimension to it, I won't feel so doubty? And Connie Britton hair is ALWAYS on the table. I know for sure that I am only getting a trim and adding some bangs...but I can't decide on the color! What say you? 

3// Gracie had her 6 month dentist check up on Wednesday. No cavities and healthy gums! I won't lie, I feel like a great parent when things like this happen. It makes me feel like I am on top of it and that all that toothbrush training was worth it! Yay for healthy teeth and gums!

The weirdest picture ever. Stupid phones. But I wanted a picture to commemorate! 

4//  I had the MOST intense contractions and back labor last night. We were honestly just waiting for them to get close enough together to go in. They got to 6 minutes and then randomly stopped at around 4 am. My body is exhausted and I now have these feeling that little dude won't be waiting much longer. Which both excites me and scares me.

5// My mother in-law is flying in on the 18th, my dad is flying in on the 19th and my father in law may be flying in on the 20th (He is a teacher so it's a bit harder for him to get away). I am so amazed and SO grateful that these guys want to be apart of this moment with us. It's hard to not be sad because Grace was welcomed into the world by EVERYONE and I am sad that there won't be a lot of his family around when Little Dude is born. But I know he will be surrounded by love! That's one thing for sure, this little boy is definitely very loved.

Have a great weekend guys! Who knows, maybe by next Friday--I'll have a baby!


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  1. 1) I cannot wait to see what you decided to do with your hair.
    2) I cannot wait to see that little man! I can't believe he's so close to being here!
    3) Yay for no cavities! I need to schedule a dentist appointment for Joshua...I'm nervous about it though! Dustin's family has notoriously bad teeth and they almost always have cavities despite great oral hygiene. We're pretty religious about having Joshua brush morning and evening, so here's just hoping he got my strong teeth and not Dustin's crappy ones.....:P


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