Tuesday, February 10, 2015

What I Like About You!

I decided that yesterdays post, although honest and truthful, was a bit of a downer. I kind of have been a bit of a downer lately. I want to do something fun today!

Since this weekend is Valentine's Day, I thought it would be fun to fill the rest of this weeks posts with love! We aren't really big Valentine's Day people. By that I mean we don't celebrate it, at all. We get Gracie cute little gifts but that's it. But that doesn't mean I don't love my husband, I just don't need a special day to show him or tell him that.

I love him for a bajillion reasons, but these are just some of my favorites.

  • He is the only one who can reach the top shelves in our house. He isn't a specifically tall man, but he is taller than me and those extra 6-7 inches really do make a difference when I need someone to get the rice down.
  • He looks dang good in a uniform: 

  • He isn't ever afraid to tell me what he thinks. Daniel and I don't think the same on a lot of "hot button" issues and I LOVE IT. I love being constantly exposed to a different side of the story. Sometimes it frustrates me (how can he not see he is wrong! ;) ) But for the most part I am grateful for it.
  • He is a fairly simple dude. A true meat & potatoes guy. Give him a steak and a rifle and the man is good to go.
  • When he gets home from work he plays with Gracie, almost immediately. It's kind of adorable.
    Sometimes they just cuddle.
  • He is very very good at calming me down during my panic attacks.
  • He refuses to share his drinks with me when we go to McDonalds. Not because of germs, but because I usually say I don't want a drink and then take a sip of his. I admire his principles.
  • He can without a doubt--every single time --make me laugh with the way he says "poop".
  • He helped me make these two yahoos: 
  • The man looks really really good in khaki and he knows it.
  • If I have a nightmare he will wake up with me and hold me until I am not scared anymore. He never brings it up again either. Very much appreciated.
  • In a related note: he doesn't seem to mind that he is married to the world's biggest scaredy cat.
  • He isn't afraid to be silly and fun, even when people are watching.

  • He likes my cooking and asks specifically for his favorites. It makes me feel good to know he likes what I make him and doesn't eat it out of basic necessity to live.
  • When he vacuums, he makes designs in the carpet. He says it's the only way to ensure that you got every spot, I think it's just because he likes to draw with the vacuum.
  • I can always count on him when I need him. I know he will always be there for me no matter what.
  • He is always there to answer any questions I have about the scriptures and is always patient when I don't understand things. Daniel has a deep understanding of the scriptures and I wish he would share that with more people.
  • He dances in the kitchen with our daughter, and learned all the princesses so he could talk to her about them. He is the best dad ever.
  • I fit in his "nook" perfectly. (Nook is that space between his shoulder and his peck. So when I cuddle with him, my head fits perfectly. I say this is another sign we were meant to be!)
  • He is so adorably color blind. He is blue deficient so some colors he just can't see, some he can see fine and some are just a bit off. He takes the longest to get ready for church because he doesn't know what tie matches best with what suit. It's frustrating but cute. One time I asked him to bring me a pink popsicle. He brought me a yellow one.
  • He doesn't make fun of me for loving Barbra Streisand. He doesn't cheer it on, but he doesn't make fun of me for it. Big brownie points for me.
  • He watches endless amounts of The Food Network, Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance when I want to watch it and even pretends to be interested in it sometimes.
  • and probably the MOST important reason I love him....he knows my girl scout cookie order!
Why do you love your significant other? 


  1. That last one is a must! He seems like such a great dad and husband. Love the love post themes.

  2. That last one is a must! He seems like such a great dad and husband. Love the love post themes.


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