Saturday, March 7, 2015

Bumpin' It Up || 38 Weeks

Shirt and Pants: PinkBlush Maternity

38 WEEKS ||

Due Date | March 21st, 2015    ||    Induction Date: March 20, 2015

Gender BOY! :)

Name | It's a secret.

Size | He was estimated at 7 lbs 6 oz at our appointment on Tuesday. I am interested to see how accurate these scans are! But he is running a week or so ahead on measurements so he really could come at any time!! 

Feeling | Just generally tired, I feel like I could sleep ALL day! But the main thing is anxiety. The "is this it!?" feeling and just praying for my water to break! It's exciting and scary and just so much emotion going on right now!! 

Hormones | A little quick to snap lately, just because my anxiety levels are through the ROOF...and because I haven't slept for more than a few hours in the last month! 

Body | Baby continues to drop and engage so my belly looks smaller-ish and you can definitely tell he dropped. My feet are swollen more and so are my hands but nothing too serious, definitely not like my pregnancy with Gracie.
I am itchy ALL the time though, and have the scratches to prove it! I got PUPPP with Gracie so I wouldn't be shocked if I got it with little dude too. We shall see, I am almost done so hopefully I escape it! 

The contractions are almost always there. In between contractions I have BH or cramping. So my body is just really tired and achey. 

Sleep | I don't get a lot of sleep. Too uncomfortable!! Plus Gracie has been sick the last few days and she's been waking a lot in the night so I am definitely not getting a lot of sleep. Oh well! 

Nursery | We have almost all of the decorations done! Two of the big ones will be done this weekend and the propeller that goes above his bed gets here on Monday. Once that is installed we are done! 

Missing | Sleep and really missing family. 

Best Moment of The Week | Getting to see him on the ultrasounds and hear his heart. As painful as it is, I am grateful to be his incubator :) I still can't wait to hold him though...

Fun Facts | We have an official induction time of 6pm on the 20th. Which is sort of frustrating for me. Just because we get the medical advice/clearance to be induced a week early...and we aren't. We chose the last possible date so that little dude could come on his own. I am not allowed to go over due and this is exactly when I would have been induced anyway. So I feel like it's sort of wasted? Because I could be having him in a week instead of in two. I think I would feel differently if this pregnancy was easy and no complications, but man, this pregnancy is kicking my butt! Hopefully he comes on his own anyway. 

Next Appointment |  Tuesday @ 1. The appointments aren't much fun these days. Just a quick pop in "Oh hey, you're still pregnant. See ya next week." 

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  1. That picture of you is so gorgeous! I'll be praying he makes his appearance soon!

  2. That picture of you is so gorgeous! I'll be praying he makes his appearance soon!


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