Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Dear Gracie,

You're about to be a big sister in just a few short weeks. I can feel my time with just you slipping through my fingers. I hope that these last 2.75 years have been great for you and you know just how much your daddy and I love you. I don't want you to think that just because you're getting a brother, that it means we don't love everything about you!

You are so incredibly brave, I don't think anything scares you! You're a dare devil and heights don't matter to you (though they certainly matter to me!) I love your lust for life and just everything excites you. I hope you never lose that zeal.

You love love LOVE Princesses, more than anyone else I have ever known. I love that you know each Princess, their songs, and their stories. You retain things so well and it's interesting to see what you value. Obviously all the words to Let it Go matter more to you than remembering momma told you to not jump off the couch. I totally get it.

You're always willing to help and I know that when your brother gets here that you're going to blow us away with your love and care for him. You have a big big BIG heart, kiddo.

I love your snuggles in the morning, the way you wake me and your daddy up with an "Aaaaachoooo!" every morning. You can always make us laugh, even when you're in trouble.

The way you brush your hair out of your face, is the cutest thing I've ever seen and it's part of why I can't bare to cut your hair.

I love that you want me to sing you "birds" or "stay awake" to you at night. I love that you always want to give kisses to me and Daddy and that you are so giving with your love. Nothing is better than a Gracie hug & kiss!!

You love to pray and often remind us we have to pray over dinner. I love how much you love going to church, listening to church music and talking about Jesus. I hope your spiritual strength grows with you and that you know you can always turn to Him if you feel you ever can't turn to us.

But Gracie, know that all the things I have listed, are just little things that I love. I'd love you if you were a stick in the mud. Because you are my Gracie Lou. My sweet little big cheekied baby.

You made me a mom and you and I grew up together in a way. You will always be my first baby. I will always always love you and I will always be here for you, no matter what. I promise you that.

I love you baby girl, always and forever.


  1. This is so sweet and adorable. :)

  2. One of the most exciting and sad things for me was letting my jay not be an only child anymore. Somedays I really miss just having her and the things we could go do before having another, but it's so great to watch her and mags play together now. I don't think I could ever trade it.

  3. Beautiful! I can only imagine the roller coaster of emotions you must be experiencing right now.

  4. This is so sweet. I love it. What a crazy adventure yall will be experiencing so soon.


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