Friday, March 6, 2015

Hi Five for Friday!

1// Gracie is sick today. Nothing serious just a nasty cold. But she sure kept us up all night! She'd wake herself up with her cough and then be sad until Daniel went and rubbed her back. Today she is congested and still has a cough, but is at least in a good mood. Poor kiddo! But at the very least she doesn't have an ear infection! We were worried there for a bit because she was tugging on her ears, but turns out her tubes are falling out so they are probably bugging her a bit. But today, it's movies and snuggles in bed...which this tired mama is A-Ok with!

2// Little Dude's nursery is SO close to being done I can FEEL it.
These are two of the four airplane prints that are going above his changing pad/ dresser. How cute are they?!! I am in love. Can't wait for Daniel to hang them later today! 

I accidentally bought the wrong size canvases for the map project I wanted to do, so I am going to run to Hobby Lobby when Daniel gets home today and get new sizes. Hopefully by this weekend two major decoration pieces will be done! 

The propeller that goes above his bed is done too, so now I am just waiting to get that! It really is coming together and it looks great without any decoration and I just know it will look even better with it! It's almost done...and not a moment too soon! 14 days till I go in to have the baby! Hopefully his room is completely done before then! I can't wait to show you! 

Daniel picked out that side table. Even though I am unsure about it he wants to keep it. So we are, because I kind of love that he picked it out and wants it to stay. :) 
3// We are getting Gracie's Easter stuff taken care of in the next few weeks. I just know I will forget about it or it won't get done properly once little dude gets here, so I want to make sure we give it the attention we would have before. I have finally decided I want to get her some outside things to play with. So when the baby gets here and we can't go to the park (because he is too tiny) we can go outside with her play set and some outdoor fun stuff so she doesn't feel like she is missing out. I was thinking a basketball hoop, some new chalk (because I left it the rain...whoooops) and things like that.

4// This week we have gotten a lot of mail from family in Utah sending things for the baby. Man, it sure made me homesick. I miss everyone in Utah. I miss those mountains. But in a week & a half we have our parents flying in for the birth so I am definitely looking forward to seeing some family.

5// The new name for this blog has officially been picked out and there will definitely be some changes going on here after little dude is born. JANA is going to be doing all the design work. She's the one who has done all of my blog designs and they are all just amazing. (So you should check her out!) I love the way my blog looks right now. I love it all! But with a little dude on the way some change is in order! I can't wait to see what Jana comes up with and I know it will be amazing. :)

Have a great weekend guys!


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