Friday, March 13, 2015

Hi-Five for Friday!

1 // We have officially finished Little Dude's room!  Here is a sneak peek:

This is my favorite corner. The map turned out so well (Can you believe it, we made it!!!) and I just love it. I can't wait till I get to nurse my little guy in that look nook and just cuddle with him! 

Once he is born I will post the full look at his room. I can't post the whole room yet because his name goes above his crib, and we can't do that till he is born since we are keeping his name a secret. 

Big big props to my husband because he did all the hanging and putting things together perfectly. This room is basically a testament of his love for me LOL

2 //  With the delivery of a bunch of wipes, we officially have everything we need for the baby. His room is done and he needs or wants for nothing. (Though I have my eye on a lot of bowties...) It feels awesome to be ready for him and we truly are just waiting for him. How funny that I will be 39 weeks pregnant tomorrow and I am JUST NOW ready for him. Haha! Well, better late than never, amirite?

3 // Speaking of being super pregnant. We have been trying out a lot of pregnancy myths this week to get labor going. We started the week with eggplant parmesan:

Outside of making me VERY full, it didn't do anything. In fact, none of the labor tricks have worked, and I do mean NONE of them. Guess this guy is just comfy where he is! I find that so funny. We worked to keep him in for so long and now that he is okay to come out he is chillin' in there. Maybe he is waiting for his grandma to fly in. 

4 // I pre-registered for the induction/delivery and when the lady called she said: "Hello, I am calling to talk to you about your surgery on the 20th?" My...what? I am NOT getting a surgery, I am getting an induction! That was a moment that definitely took me by surprise. No worries, just a misunderstanding. We are all set to go for NEXT FRIDAY!!

5 // That's right: ONE WEEK YA'LL!!!! One week until my baby boy will be on his way to meet us! I just can't wait! By this time next week I will be double and triple checking my bags, getting my snuggles in with Gracie, and trying to prepare myself for welcoming a new tiny human into my life and into my heart. It's so insane to think about. One week!!!



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  1. Ah! Can't wait to see the nursery reveal. And one week seems so crazy soon! Excited for yall!


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