Monday, March 16, 2015

Mormon Mondays

Because I will have just gotten out of the hospital this time next week, Mormon Mondays will be on hold till I get myself back together :) Well, this blog will be on hold till I get myself back together figure out how to function with two tiny humans. 

STEPHANIE ASKED: Do Mormons drink caffeine? I know a Mormon who doesn't drink hot chocolate either, why can't you drink hot chocolate?!?

Our trip to the Coca-Cola factory this Fall
To address the first question: Mormons can totally drink caffeine. My Coca-Cola addicted mother-in-law would probably die if we couldn't. (I kid you not, she even taught Gracie what a Coca-Cola is so now Gracie thinks every drink in a can or a cup is a Coke.) Daniel loves Mountain Dew & Dr. Pepper.  In fact, a 36 pack of Mountain Dew is always on our Costco grocery list. I don't particularly care for caffeinated beverages, but that has nothing to do with the being caffeinated. I just prefer root beer or sprite, though sometimes I just want a Mountain Dew!

I know there are plenty of Mormons who DO NOT drink caffeine simply because of their feelings about the Words of Wisdom.(1) 

The Words of Wisdom is a law of health. We've been asked by our Heavenly Father to take the best care of our bodies we can and in 1833, the Lord revealed(2) what foods and substances are good and bad for us. 

Here is the basic outline of the Words of Wisdom: 

  • *Drink alcohol
  • *Use Tobacco
  • *Use illegal drugs (4) 
  • *Drink "hot drinks"
     Which is where I assume the hot chocolate assumption came from, but this simply refers to tea and coffee. 
  • Eat fruits and vegetables in their season
  • Eat meats sparingly 
  • Eat a lot of grains (wheat, rice & oats)
It's basically a plan to make sure you are living your healthiest life and taking care of your body.

Caffeine is addictive, and it is usually accompanied with a TON of sugar; it isn't the healthiest of options. So some Mormons don't drink it simply because they believe it doesn't match the spirit of the Words of Wisdom. 

However, the church HAS clarified that there is no scripture or law stating we can't drink it. (3) But that doesn't mean they are saying it's good for you, just that it's your own personal choice to drink it or not. There's that free-will again! ;) 

We have been promised that if we follow these Words of Wisdom that:

Which sounds like a pretty dang good deal to me! 

Articles/Websites Referenced/Mentioned: 
(2) D&C 89


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