Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Quick Update

Today was my VERY LAST doctor appointment. That's just so surreal to even say! This appointment was FULL of good news.

I love her little knobby knees. Hehehe. My cute little leprechaun. 

  • I am 3 cms dilated and 50% effaced. PROGRESS! I am so glad the horrid contractions I had over the weekend DID something. That almost makes suffering through those contractions worth it.
  • I have a 5 Bishops score for induction. Which means that my cervix is favorable enough that I most likely won't have to have cervadil. WHICH MEANS my induction time has been changed from 6pm to 6am! Wooohooo! (Still hoping he comes on his own before then because I do NOT want pitocin.)
  • I had my membranes swept and holy bones am I having some killer contractions!! I hope they stick around and throw me into labor! That would be pretty stinking awesome to have him on the 17th after all! *fingers crossed*

    I feel pretty good about it all, really. Even if he doesn't come by himself, my body is at least helping the process along. With Gracie, it took HOURS to get to a 3, and HOURS to leave a 3. So I am pretty freaking happy that I am already there. Hopefully my body keeps cooperating! 

The house is completely spotless clean. The car has officially been cleaned and a carseat has been added. 

There is nothing left to do but wait...wait...wait...wait...and then wait some more.

I probably won't be updating this blog-a-roo until little dude makes his entrance!

So for now, please keep us in your prayers that delivery goes smoothly and little dude is healthy!

Thanks for all the support the last 39+ weeks. You guys are awesome :) 

Wish us luck!

Tanika, Daniel, Grace & little dude


  1. If you can, keep moving. That will keep them going! At least it helped for me. Yay! so exciting.

  2. I have a feeling you won't make it to induction

  3. Praying hard girl!!! Hoping he is here already or about to make his appearance.


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