Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Time Warp

The last few days...let me tell you...

This time change has put us in a time warp.

We all woke up at 10:30 today!!! THAT IS JUST NUTS. It is weird for us to wake up at 9:30. Heck, it's weird for us to wake up at 8:30!!!!

We usually rely on Gracie to wake us up because she toddles in, like clock work, at 7 am and wakes us up. (Well, wakes me up, Daniel is usually at work but he had the last two days off.)

I can't believe how these days are dragging now because of how late of a start we are getting. Don't get me wrong, I am loving the extra attempts at sleep. But I hate how lazy I feel the rest of the day, or like I am constantly playing catch up.

I like that Gracie wakes up at 7. It really lends itself to a productive day. Breakfast, get dressed, do letters, reading, a craft. Lunch. Nap time. She wakes up and independently plays while I clean or get dinner prepped (or if I have errands this is when we run them), we cook dinner, Daniel comes home, dinner, bath, bedtime. I like our schedule.

Schedules make me happy. Schedules make Gracie happy. A happy Gracie makes everyone happy.

This waking up at basically 11 is horrible. Gracie doesn't get a nap, her eating is off (obviously, she is missing a whole meal) and our eating is off as well. It's just not good. We all end up over-tired, hungry and cranky.

We have had to go to Walmart since last Saturday. WE JUST WENT LAST NIGHT. We have also been saying since Saturday that we are going to go clean the car out. Nope, car still needs to be cleaned. *sigh*

However, we did finally get the last thing for baby boy. We are officially done with all the baby stuff. I guess that's our reprieve?

So, my friends. Wish us luck as we get our act together and get our schedule back.

Anyone else stuck in a time-warp?


P.S. NINE DAYS till little dude comes. NINE. We are in SINGLE digits here people! AH! 


  1. Ah! I'm feeling ya. The time change didn't mess us up too bad. But Graces nap schedule has been off because of some teeth coming in and it has our schedule so messed up. It's crazy! Hope things adjust quickly!

  2. Our girls usually wake up at 7 on the dot too, they slept in till 8:30 the last few days. Not as bad as 10:30 but still weird. Makes feel feel sick waking up that late so I get that it screws everyone's day up. You will all adjust and start waking up at a normal time soon.

  3. My mind is boggled by the affect the time change has had on us, we are definitely not with it these days :)


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