Friday, April 3, 2015

Danny's Room Reveal

As you may remember back HERE  we are doing an airplane theme for Danny's room.

Once we actually got started on it, it didn't take too long to do. Mostly we were sitting around waiting for shipments to come in. Ironically, the drawer pulls took the longest to get here and I ordered them first!
How beautiful are these pulls?! {Get them HERE
I love the airplane prints. Cheap and Effective! {Find the prints HERE

We added pins to the locations we have lived together as a family. {This particular map was a pain to track down. Fear not, you can find it at OFFICEDEPOT/ OFFICE MAX}

I love how simple this is but how much of an impact it brings! 

I am really happy with how the room turned out. The kids rooms in this house aren't that big and I didn't have a massive budget to work with so I went with colors that were already in the room and decided to do just one accent wall. Everything else I bought went off what we already had. I wanted the decoration to be minimal but still effective. I didn't want it to be an overt IN YOUR FACE airplane theme. I just wanted it to be simple with a few touches here and there. I think we accomplished that.

This banner is SO perfect. It tied together not only the theme but all of the other colors working in the room. Perfection! {BUY YOUR OWN HERE; SHE DOES COMPLETE CUSTOM ORDERS} 
My cousin made that BEAUTIFUL sign! Goes perfect with the accent wall and brings a little navy to this wall. I am still trying to find the perfect baskets to go on top of the armoire. But until then, this is what it looks like. And yes, that is a Batman piggy bank. Daddy had to come into the room somewhere. I pick my battles. That monkey was Daniel's first monkey :)

Daniel picked out the red side table. At first I was worried about it being too high but it's PERFECT. Plus it adds an industrial airplane feel to everything. Bought it at Hobby Lobby! How perfect are the map canvases?! LOVE them!

I also set a budget for his room for decoration (because I waaaayyy over spent on his sisters room (that isn't even done yet) and heck no we weren't going down that road again...) That includes any and all paint costs but doesn't include furniture because we needed that anyway. I also didn't include shipping costs on any of this because I didn't think that was a fair use of the budget. (House rules. ;))

Paint: $0 Got it free due to a misogynist employee at Home Depot. 
Map Drawer Pulls: $12
Bunting: $17
Propeller: $50
Map Canvas Art: $24 (Could be done cheaper but I didn't have the patience to wait for the canvases to go on sale.) 
Letters: $10
Fabric for chew guard: $5
Airplane Prints/ Gallery Wall: $20

TOTAL: $138

In the end, the propeller ate up a BIG portion of my budget, but I was able to have a friend's relative make it for over half the cost of what it would cost to get it anywhere else. So I think I got a steal on it! I just couldn't let it go so I decided it was worth going over my budget for. I am glad I did, it totally makes the room.

I really like how simplistic it is, but still decorated. Even Daniel has commented on how much he likes it. That's saying something!

Thanks to pinterest and a very patient husband, I now have at least one room in this house that is completed! Hooray!

Now to finish Gracie's room...

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