Friday, June 26, 2015


Potty training is not for the faint of heart, that is for DANG sure.

We started potty training Gracie back in January. We wanted her trained before Danny got here so I wasn't changing two diapers at once.

potty training, Growing Gracie,
The last diaper I changed of Gracie's.
She got the pee thing right away, she had a few weeks of minor accidents but really she was pee potty trained in a few days. She's done SO well, truly. She doesn't even need her own potty or even a potty seat anymore. She can go in public restrooms now! (Hooray!) But poop has ALWAYS been an issue and everything I read said that it was normal for poop training to take longer, some even said it could take SIX months! Six months seemed like a ridiculously long time for a kid to learn to poop on the potty. Well guess what? That's exactly how long it took.

She had weeks where she'd poop on the potty like a pro. Then she'd have weeks where she just pooped in her pants. Then, the worst, she'd have weeks where she'd constipate herself to the point of a high fever, puking and general yuckiness.

One day...a day that will live forever in my nightmares...Grace pooped RIGHT BY THE TOILET and played in it. Got it EVERYWHERE. On the floor. On the carpet. ON MY COUCH. THE WALLS YOU GUYS...THE WALLS. Not to mention my toilet was basically painted in it.

How did I let this happen you may ask? 1) I was nursing Danny and 2) Grace can now go to the bathroom completely by herself. She goes in and pees, wipes, flushes, washes her hands and done. I rarely go in to check on her. I sporadically do to make sure she is wiping (and wiping properly).

potty training, Growing Gracie,
Sometimes she even goes in with her computer.

She had told me she needed to go to the bathroom so I didn't think anything of it. Then she came and sat by me on the couch and quickly got off...and there was poop on my couch. Then I took a closer look at her...and guys...there was poop on her EARS.

I called Daniel crying. I had no idea what to do, where to start, what to do with Danny who was super cranky and didn't want to be put down. It was HORRIBLE. How a child who freaks out if she gets chicken nugget crumbs on her hands then PLAYS with her POOP...I will never understand.

ANYWAY. This is all to say, Gracie had/has severe poop anxiety. She'd get really freaked out by the process of pooping. She would start shaking and you could see the fear in her eyes. Poop freaked her OUT.

Well, because of all of the holding she had been doing, she has increased the size of her rectal cavity which is NOT good. An increased rectal cavity also makes it easier for Gracie TO hold it and makes the poop hard so when she does finally poop it usually causes her butt to bleed. It's horrid and very very sad and doesn't help with her poop anxiety. I mean, wouldn't you be scared of pooping if it made you bleed every time? So we have had to give her Miralax every single day and will have to for two months to get everything to return to normal. I really thought this was going to be a fight. We had given her Miralax in the past to help and it was just...messy and Grace hated it.

But one day...Gracie just started pooping on the potty. All on her own. Without any prompting from us. We are on week 3 of consistent potty pooping and we have a sticker chart to prove it!

I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT! After 6 months (almost 7!) of begging and pleading with the girl to poop in the potty, she just does it one day. It really aides to the whole "they will do it when they are ready". Thank the good lord, Grace was ready because I am not sure how many more pairs of poopy underwear I could clean out. I am so happy for her sake, that poop doesn't seem to freak her out anymore.

Grace is now 90% potty trained. Now all she has to do is become night trained which I feel like we are getting closer and closer to! Potty training man, it'll take over your LIFE.

This has been a truly poopy post! Ha!



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