Friday, June 5, 2015

Danny's Newborns

I am in so much love with these pictures. I showed our photographer a few pictures from pinterest and she just went above and beyond all my expectations! They're perfect! I am planning to get them blown up and hang them around the house. :)

Grace was NOT in the mood during these pictures. She threw a fit 99.9% of the time. My photographer is just that good that she can make it look like she wasn't crying in all of these pictures. But by the end of this shoot Grace was on the floor screaming, kicking, crying, the whole enchilada. Because of that, I didn't get any pictures of her & Danny with just me. Other than that, it went well! Danny was a good sport at least...

Newborn photography, natural photography, baby boy photography, growing gracie,
Such a sweet little boy

family photography, newborn photography, natural photography, growing gracie,
I LOVE this picture. It's going to go right above our fire place :) 

natural photography, newborn photography, baby boy, family photography, growing gracie,
We sure do love this little guy
sibling photography, newborn photography, family photography, growing gracie,
The ONLY picture I got of the two of them, right after this she started melting down. 

father son photography, newborn photography, baby boy, growing gracie
My handsome men

newborn photography, baby boy, natural photography, growing gracie,
He was so tiny, he's so big now!!!

newborn photography, baby boy photography, natural photography, growing gracie,
Beautiful little boy. 

mother son photography, natural photography, newborn photography, growing gracie
It's insane how much this little boy has me wrapped around his finger. This little face!!!!

father son photography, baby boy photography, newborn photography, growing gracie,
Daniel can't quite believe how much Danny looks like him, it's kind of adorable.
big sister photography, toddler photography, white toddler dress, growing gracie,
Our beautiful little girl. As always, headband is custom made from MADIMOSBOWS 

mother son photography, baby boy, newborn photography, growing gracie,
Those cheeks are so dang kissable! 
custom baby blanket, baby boy, newborn photography, growing gracie,
This really just describes Danny so well. He is just a chill babe. 
It's been a few months since these pictures were taken and we are still so enamored with this little boy! He definitely has me wrapped around his finger ;) 


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  1. These are seriously so precious. You can't even tell that fits were being thrown. Just beautiful!


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