Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Gracie's 3rd Birthday Party {Art Party}: DIY Piñata

Because I am a person who has an issue spending a lot of money on things that can't be used more than once, I had a BIG issue spending $15-$20 on a SMALL piñata. The big ones were even more expensive. It was also not the easiest thing to find a good piñata that wasn't covered in characters. 

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Like always, Pinterest came to the rescue. I saw [THIS] pin and though I didn't read the directions for it, the picture was explanatory enough that I just winged it. 

I was going to make a crayon piñata to go with the theme of the party but I was worried about how much tape I'd have to use to keep the cardboard rolled. I was mainly worried that it would be hard for the kids to break it open. So instead, I went for a rainbow number 3; a little harder to craft but I hoped it would be easier to break open. 

I got a medium sized box from a neighbor and broke it down completely so it was basically a strip of cardboard. I drew a three out on it, cut it out, traced it one more three and cut that out. Then I just cut out pieces as I needed them to make it 3D. Lots of clear packing tape was used and by the end of it it looked like this.

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It was honestly REALLY easy to do and took me about an hour to piece together. You need to make sure you reinforce the area you're putting your cord. I made sure I taped over the top about twice just to make sure it wouldn't brake off as it got hit. 

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The fringe part took me a bit longer but only because I did it a stupid way.

Take it from me: get all the colors of tissue paper you want, put them in 1-3 piles, cut them ALL together into strips. Don't do it one sheet of tissue paper at a time as you need them, it will take you SO MUCH LONGER. I did 75% of the pinata the slow way and as soon as I wised up I was done with the other 25% of the piñata in 10 minutes. 

I guess I just didn't want to waste tissue paper because I needed whatever I had for other decorations. But a few hours of applying tissue paper little by little...I didn't care about leftover tissue. I gathered it all up and cut them all together into strips, folded them twice and then cut the fringe. 


I cut the candy whole on the curve of the 3, and then disguised it into the fringe. I reinforced that hole with tape as well, just to make sure there wasn't a weak spot where I didn't want there to be one. 

It turned out really cool and saved me a bunch of money. I spent about $5 total on tape, a big glue stick and tissue paper--maybe a bit less.

I don't think I will ever buy a piñata based on how easy this was. Why waste the money when you can craft something yourself that's better quality and customizable to your theme?

Plus you get the bragging rights! ;-)


Full disclosure: we ended up having to rip this piñata open. However, I think if big kids were hitting it instead of three year old little girls, it may have broken on its own. :) 

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