Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Gracie's 3rd Birthday {Art Party}: The Invites!

Well, I have been pretty crappy about blogging about Gracie's parties. Last years was sort of a last minute party and no real decorations, but her first birthday was beautiful and I have hardly no pictures of it and I didn't really blog about it. Whoooops. So this year, I photographed everything and I can't wait to share it all with you!

I debated for a long time if I wanted to do an art party or if I wanted to do a princess party for Gracie's third birthday; both are VERY Grace and she'd love either.

I ended up deciding on the ART PARTY

It just lends itself to easy and cheap decorations (Holllla for 99 cent crepe paper!) and the princess party was just way more ornate than I have time or energy for right now. My basic strategy was to go to pinterest and pin anything even remotely "artsy" and go from there. Good plan, right?

The first thing I had to do was decide who to invite. K, this is a lot harder than you would think.  I was not prepared for the mental anguish of deciding what 3 year old to invite to a birthday party. I don't want anyone to feel left out or feel bad that I didn't invite their kid.

Being a parent is hard, yo. 

I decided to invite a few girls from her Sunday school class and a few girls from around our neighborhood. A friend suggested keeping it to an all girl party to make it easier to narrow down the guest list because I am providing crafts for everyone and I didn't want to dish out a lot of $$$. I wanted to keep it kind of small and not overwhelming for anyone (or my wallet). I decided on the magical number of 8. My friend said to think of my ideal number and add 2-3 to it because not everyone can come. 6 is ideal and 8 isn't too bad. Plus, all the supplies come in a dozen set anyway.


saw a really cute invite involving paint sets, and I had just seen a TON of paint sets at Target for $1! But when I went to Target they were all gone and only the $2 ones were available. So I decided to grab the $1 crayons instead. I had seen an idea on pinterest (ah lover) for crayon invites and decided to roll with those instead.

I saw THIS printable, and while that's a super cool idea, I am not about to fold and tape a bunch of boxes. Plus, I had already bought the crayons when I saw it. I just cropped the printable in photoshop and printed that out on cardstock. 

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Front & Back. Seriously. How cute are these things? I tweaked the back invite to what worked for us, super simple!
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~Les Supplies~
I got all my boxes out and glued the sheets to the boxes.

Growing Gracie, Art Party, Gracie's Art Party, Art Party Invitations, DIY, pinterest,  crayola, Crayola crayons,
Gracie helped me put them together :) 
Then instead of printing out the little crayon wrappers that blog provides, I just wrote a rhyme out in Word and printed them out. Easier and doesn't eat all of my ink. (Easy = the real theme of this party...)

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I put our address on the back of the DRESS FOR MESS! crayon.

TIP: Don't glue the words on to the crayons, it takes forever and the edges flip up. I got 4 packages of crayons in before I got wise and taped them on. MUCH easier & it looks better. Ah well!

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They are just dang cute. 
I like them because they didn't take too long to make, they weren't expensive and they are a unique party invitation that can actually be used.

I had to hand deliver these stinkers. It's kind of hard to mail a box of crayons.

The kids and parents both loved the invites, I feel like Martha Stewart--so it's a win-win!

Tanika -Party Planner Extraordinaire 

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  1. Basically, I'm obsessed with this party and your talents!!! You did amazing things and I'm excited to use them all in the future for a party ;)


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