Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Life in Georgia: 1 Year Later

It's nuts to think we have been in Georgia for a year. Time really has kind of been lost in our house this year. While it has been RIDICULOUSLY hard to be so very far away from family it's also been a great place of growth for us, literally and figuratively.

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In one year we have...

  • Moved clear across the country

  • We bought our first house

  • Daniel got promoted

  • Went through one pregnancy

  • Celebrated 3 years married

  • Gave birth to one beautiful baby boy

  • One little girl turned 3

Those are pretty BIG things to happen in just a year and they all happened in Georgia.

Georgia...has it's faults.

I loathe the drivers here. SO MUCH. They will come to a FULL stop before turning when there is NO traffic and there is NO sign directing them to stop. SO FRUSTRATING. JUST TURN ALREADY. One time I saw TWO vehicles REVERSE off the on-ramp and INTO the intersection!!! I have seen this happen several times since then. AH!

The pollen...THE POLLEN. It covers your house, car, children, EYEBALLS. It's thick. It's everywhere. It's INSANE. Poor Daniel and his allergies, we should buy stock in the VISINE company.

When we moved here, our sunroom was COVERED in this junk. INCHES thick. Took me two hours and a LOT of bleach and swiffer pads to clean it.
The heat is sometimes unbearable and thus makes my power bill INSANE during the summer. And heat with garments? BAH!

If you know of a place to get shorts that cover garments, link them in the comments!

The worst fault of all...It is ridiculously far away from Utah and our family & tickets home ain't cheap. It's really hard being so very far away from family, especially when adding a new tiny person into the mix. 

But it also has its positives. 

We have an amazing ward family here. They are so caring and loving. The fellowship in this ward is so strong and we truly feel like it is a FAMILY. They have been such a blessing to us. I am so grateful for each and every one of them!!

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All but three of these women are from my ward. And about 8 women that couldn't make it gave me gifts. They went out of their way to show their support for me and Danny. I truly felt so loved and special. 

We also have really good neighbors. When we moved here a year ago I made chocolate cookies for all of our neighbors with a little note about our family. I knew I had to take the first step in making friends or it wasn't going to happen.

We are really good friends with our next door neighbors and have friends across the neighborhood as well. We recently had a block party and everyone was just awesome. I love how close our neighborhood is to each other and how helpful they are.

We have a lady in our neighborhood, we call her Ms Kay. She is the SWEETEST lady ever, I can't even begin to describe how thoughtful this woman is. She brought us food when I was on bedrest, she got Gracie a present when Danny was born, tied a balloon and sunglasses on our mailbox for Grace on her birthday, she checks in on us all the time to make sure we are okay. Really, just a lovely lady.

I feel lucky to be in the place we are. It isn't Utah but it's still family. I can definitely feel Heavenly Fathers hand in our lives. He knew we needed these great people in our lives, and boy was He right!

So much has happened in the last year. I can't wait to see where this next year takes us!


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  1. They probably don't have a cozy there, but if they don't and you have family in Provo, cozy by pizza pie cafe here in Provo has shorts! I just got a pair and they wee only $15 too. They run a little small so if you're hving family send you some, I'd go a size big.


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