Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Danny's {Mickey Mouse: Hot Diggity Dog Party}

Danny LOVES Mickey Mouse, loooooves him to pieces. Every time that theme song comes on, he stares at Mickey and then laughs and waves his arms and squeals with excitement. So when I was trying to think of what to do for his birthday, I knew that Mickey was the way to go.

I saw tons of invite ideas and took two and melded them together. I got the buttons from the Target $1 aisle= score! This was before I got my cameo so I had to cut these all out by hand, my hand was shaking for hours after!

I made special envelopes for the ones we mailed out. So cute!
(Everyone should thank Daniel because I was going to fill them with Mickey confetti and Daniel basically talked me out of it. )

I got my birthday present from Daniel a bit early. He got me a cameo! AH! So I went a little nuts making everything I ever wanted at a party. IT WAS FUN. I can't wait to use that thing more (but booooy is there a learning curve...) 

Similar to what I did for Gracie's party with her big 3, a big Mickey was in order! I love how it turned out!! I cut out a few smaller Mickeys and that was just the ticket!

Cheap $5 in three vases I already had with Mickey vinyl on them. Easy and affective! Cute and simple decoration.

I LOVED those banners! So fun to make. I loved creating something on my computer and then watching it come to life! 

This wall cost me a whole $2. I got the clips from the dollar aisle at Target, made little Mickeys with numbers on them and hot-glued them to the clips. The string and pictures I already had at home. It was my very very favorite decoration I made. 

That big Mickey ballon was probably Danny's favorite thing. 

Rice Kripsies and Fruity Pebbles cut into Mickeys (not as easy at it may seem by the way...) and an advice station for Danny! 

This big one was SUCH a good idea. I got some cheap tissue at Party City for $3 or $4 and then cut out a 1 and made it 3D with some boxes we had laying around. CHEAP and easy and awesome. I made something similar for Gracie's Art-Party last year, only hers was a piƱata and this was just a decoration. 

I made the fluffy Mickey ear banner from dots I found at Target on clearance plus some black pompoms I got with a coupon from Hobby Lobby. Then I glued the ONE on there! Word to the wise, the dots have to be weighted for them to stand correctly and not flip outside down. waaaah waaaaah. 

How cute are those buttons? As if the table was Mickey's pants? Adorable. Mickey shaped watermelon and cheeses too! There would have been Mickey cantaloupe but we couldn't find a cantaloupe big enough this time of the year!

I printed off a few gloves and these were the "mouse-ka-tools" aka silverware. I wrapped the silverware in cute napkins I found at Target that had the Mickey buttons on them. Adorable!

I made the cakes from scratch and it is the FIRST year that I have made a birthday cake that turned out okay and mostly how I imagined it! I saw the watercolor frosting technique online somewhere and tried it. It didn't turn out exactly how I thought it would but it was still awesome! 

I made a similar banner for the gift table. CUTE mickey silhouettes. This banner took me 10 minutes tops to put together and was made with what I already had on hand. 

Drink stations for the win! Added some cheap vinyl buttons and some Mickeys here and there and BAM. Super cute for little to no effort at all. 

This cuteness lasted for....two seconds. The moment we put Danny in it to eat his lunch he ruined it. Glad we snapped a picture before he did! ha! Moments later it would be covered in cake and frosting anyway. 

See? Banner is a goner. 

Allll over the floor and walls. He would grab a hand full of frosting and then fling it about. 

Cake: Demolished.

Grace LOVED that this was a Mickey party. She had SO much fun and is now asking me for a Minnie party for her birthday. 

After the cake smash was over we laughed at how the Mickey balloon perfectly covered up the Mickey on the wall. 

Danny had a lot of fun at his very first birthday party and LOVED all of the balloons. Grace ate her weight in watermelon and a good time was had by all.

The next day on his actual birthday we had a really relaxed day. We went to church and then lounged about eating left overs from the party.

That night we took these pictures, an idea I stole from Shawni over at 71toes.com :) 

You can tell he really loves us in that second picture ;) 

I loved throwing this party for Danny and I had a lot of fun designing and creating everything. I think maybe I could be a party planner one day...or at least a party decorator ;) 

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