Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Here Comes the Sun

Man, this blog has been in a total FUNK for awhile, hasn't it? Sort of a big ol' rain cloud hanging over...

Well, I have some good news. The sun is coming out.

The past week I have felt SO much better. I feel happy, well-rested, more patient, and best of all--I am not angry any more.

I got in a big ol' funk there for a bit and it was scary and not fun for anyone.

But then one day...

Inside the box was great conference talks, face masks, books, movies,, clothes, chocolates!, jewelry, a book by Marjorie Hinckley! So much more. I was so blessed by these good friends of mine!!! 

My good friends from high school sent me a box PACKED full of goodies. I just started crying.

I think part of my funk was feeling like I just didn't matter in this world. I was definitely throwing myself a big ol' pity party, that's for sure. Then I completely UNEXPECTEDLY got this amazing gift and I was just completely humbled. I was surrounded by love and warm fuzzy feelings. 

It shouldn't (and doesn't) take gifts to make me happy. But this one sure did. It just perked me right on up! 

After I received the box I just noticed my whole attitude was different. I still struggle with my patience with Grace but I think any mother of a defiant almost-4-year-old would struggle a bit. But I have just been going with the flow, not getting upset about the small stuff and remembering to just take it a day at a time and only stress about things that I WANT to do, rather than things that bring me nothing BUT stress. If that makes sense. 

Receiving that box also dramatically increased my faith and knowledge that prayer works and that our Heavenly Father is ALWAYS listening and is there for you if only you ask. I just wanted a sign, something, to show me that I was cared for, that I mattered to others. (Outside of my husband and children, I know the love me <3 ) Then to be loved so publicly in that way? Man. I thanked God for answering my prayers. I am so glad others listen to promptings and who allow themselves to be servants of our father in Heaven. I am so humbled by it all, truly. I am. I plan to pay this forward as much and as often as I can. EVERYONE deserves to feel loved by others!

We play outside a lot these days. Chalk, water tables, swings, you name it. It's so gorgeous here in Georgia, it's a shame to waste the sunshine on a bad mood. 

Grace loves it, Danny loves it. It's just relaxing, easy & cheap fun. 

Daniel just recently went on a TDY for a week. Man. I was NOT looking forward to THAT. 
I HAAAATTEEE sleeping by myself.  
I am the BIGGEST scaredy cat there ever was. Seriously. I can't think of a thing I am not scared of. I really think it's because I grew up watching a lot of crime shows and I know what can go wrong. *_0. 

Daniel makes me feel safe and protected. But MAN I didn't realize how much I relied on him for that feeling! I used to be so gosh darn independent. After my mother-in-law reminded me of that I was like, YOU ARE RIGHT. I can totally do this. 

And you know what? I did. It stormed one night and I totally lost my chill, but other than that I was fine. I surprised myself. I DID it! 

(It was and is still glorious to have Daniel home though. *phew* Wearing my big girl panties was getting exhausting ;) )

Danny is turning ONE YEAR old in 2 weeks. 

Hand cut every part of these invitations, like a BOSS. But seriously, my hand was shaking for hours after. LOL 

So we are going to have a Mickey Mouse shin-dig for him. Man...thinking of him being ONE YEAR old just takes my breath away. HOW CAN THIS BE?! 

Now normally, planning my kids parties stresses me out. But it's the GOOD kind of stress. I really enjoy throwing parties, making the invitations, planning the food. It's all a great creative outlet for me and as sad as it is to be planning his ONE YEAR party, I am enjoying it a lot. Everything is so darn cute! 

Parties, TDY's, a cranky 4 year old? Could all send me back into the clouds again. But I didn't let them. 

I have to remember to ALWAYS choose to be happy. To CHOOSE to live on the bright side because honestly, the cloudy side isn't fun. 

But more so---I have to remember that the little stuff doesn't matter, and even the big stuff doesn't matter sometimes.

I have a Heavenly Father, friends and family who love me and want me to be happy. 

THAT is what matters.

I am sure glad to be back on the bright side of things! 

I always think sunglasses selfies are hilarious because you can see my arms AND my phone in this picture. :D
Which I think is hilarious :D 

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