Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Strawberry Fields Forever

While Daniel was on a TDY (basically he is gone for trainings or meetings for a short period of time) I was trying to find something fun to do for the kids. I was losing my mind a bit being the only person to come to with all the questions and the touching and I got a bit of a sensory overload there for a hot second.

So, I decided to take them somewhere they could focus all that energy on something useful.

STRAWBERRIES, YA'll! My kids LOVE strawberries so I just knew they'd love it.

Once our bucket was full she ran to help fill all the other buckets our friends had. She LOVED it.

And no sense waiting to get home to eat these things. Danny was digging in! 

The kids were COVERED in strawberry juices. It was perfect.

I do seriously mean COVERED. Juices on her forehead, her hair, her ears...Danny had it on his ankles, his toes...everywhere. No worries, OxyClean got those stains riiiiight out. 

She would pick one off the vine and eat it. How our bucket even got full is amazing. 

At one point Danny just ate an entire strawberry. Green part and all. Didn't even care. As soon as it was in his belly he went and grabbed another one from the bucket. 

When we got home I washed all the strawberries and put them in my pretty Pioneer Woman bowl. 

I kid you not, these strawberries lasted not even two days. My kids were strawberry monsters!

Guess we will just HAVE to go back to the fields and get some more! ;) 

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  1. My kids love strawberries too! They are a staple in our house as soon as they start to come in season. I wish I could find a fun place to pick strawberries near us.


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