Monday, May 30, 2016

A horrible Easter

Easter...guys. Easter was a bad go for us.

We all had the flu and I had a baaaad case of Bronchitis. I still had a cough almost a month later. INSANE. Daniel was the only one not sick and thus had to take care of us all.

So the beautiful outfits I got the kids? Yeah, they didn't get to wear them.

The baskets? Yah. They got to open them but we all just felt so stinkin' yucky that they opened them and we all sort of just....laid on the floor, watched TV and kept up our fluid intake.

Not exactly an enjoyable holiday.

It sucked because Easter was the last holiday that we would be spending together for awhile...and it was spent heavily medicated.

The next week was conference, and the week after that Daniel was out of town on TDY. So our redo was not even close to Easter.

But I will say that the redo was pretty darn freaking adorable. I make cute kids ya'll. 

I guess it bugs me because Easter was the last holiday we will have as a family for a long time and I just wanted it to be good...not filled with fevers and cough drops.

I guess there is always next year?


I am proud that Gracie learned about the Resurrection and the Atonement this year. She fully retained what I was telling her and it was so special to share the knowledge of Christ's gift with her.

Even though we were all sick and felt horrible, Gracie knowing of Christ's love for her is the whole reason for the holiday in the first place. So if you look at it that way, it wasn't so horrible after all.

Only it was because the flu can suck it.

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