Tuesday, May 3, 2016

FHE For Children: I Have A Body

I started FHE For Toddlers a long time ago (with a memorization activity involving the Quorum of the 12 )and never really kept it up on here.  (Which is funny because that post has brought thousands and thousands of page views to this little old blog. You think I would have kept that little nugget updated. Alas.)

Now that Gracie is almost not a toddler (I guess 4 is where toddler stops. How sad!) I figured I should really just start an FHE for children series instead. Because some of the things we have done will work for younger children and older children alike. You can decide what your child is ready for and what they will respond to.

I have found that Grace really responds to creative/crafty lessons. So when I need the lesson to be a little bit longer than her attention span, I throw a craft or try to make it as creative as I can so that she follows along the whole time. I also try to make the activity the lesson. It's easier for her to understand with a hands on approach. (She learns just like I do, my momma heart is so proud.)

Opening Song: Head Shoulders Knees and Toes.

Lesson/Activity: I Have a Body Just Like My Heavenly Father
Gracie loves to color, so I got some butcher paper off her art pad and had Daniel trace her body.

As I drew her hands, eyes, hair, etc. I asked her if she thought Jesus had those same body parts. I then asked her what each of those body parts does (Eyes that see, ears that hear). When we got done with the whole body we asked her what she thought Jesus looked like. After talking a bit about what he looked like, we asked her if she thought she could hug him and touch him or if he was more of just a spirit. She said that he wasn't a spirit that he had toes like she did.
We explained to her that she was a spirit once. That Jesus wanted her to have a body so that she could come and live with Mommy and Daddy. We told her we were all spirits once but now we have bodies just like our heavenly father does.

She thought that was pretty cool that we were all spirits. Because at the time of this activity (last July) she only associated spirits with the friendly ghosts she sees on the Disney channel. Ha!

We told her that Heavenly Father wants us to always take care of our bodies, that we have to eat right, exercise, get lots of sleep and night and protect our bodies as best we can from harm. We explained that we have this one body on this earth and it is a precious gift from our Heavenly Father.

Closing Song: I am a Child of God

Snack: Fresh vegetables and fresh fruits with water. (Healthy snacks that tie into the words of wisdom and keeping your body strong.) 

It was a bit longer of an activity than we normally do, but she enjoyed it and she kept that drawing on the back of her door for a long long time. 



  1. You're awesome for being so on top of FHE. This is something we struggle with. Most of the time we get to read some scriptures, but I always forget about making an FHE lesson until it's time to do it.

  2. This is SO fun!! I'm going to check out your FHE for Toddler stuff now. But seriously, this one is a good idea!


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