Monday, May 9, 2016

Gracie's 3 Year {Art Party}

Isn't it HILARIOUS that I am SO up to date on blogging about Gracie's party? THIS WAS LAST YEAR, YA'LL. THE KID IS ALMOST FOUR! I am a mess.

Whatever. PPA knocked me on my butt. I am making up for that lost time.

Instead of doing separate posts I am just gonna do one fail swoop of a post.

BUT, here are the two break down posts I did for the DIY INVITES and the DIY PINATA.

I had a LOT of fun doing this party but bow howdy was it a lot of work. I didn't have a silhouette back then so I did it ALL BY HAND. Phew.

These invites were just SO DARN CUTE.

There is a MUCH more complicated way to do those invites, I chose to do it the easier way. But the harder way is linked back in my original post about the invites: HERE.

This was SO easy to do. It was a little time consuming but it was still super easy. I wish I had just done the full arch. Ah well.

 Fun fact: One of the green ones popped and the rubber didn't get picked up. The next day was ultra hot and long story short, that balloon is still on my patio--burned there for all eternity. 

I made that three using cardboard and dip dyed coffee filters. Literally cost me a dollar and it is my favorite decoration from the party. It is STILL hanging on Gracie's bedroom door. 

Each child got their own canvas, letter and apron. 

I made a smaller balloon arch for the dining room and the little chalkboard said "Welcome to Gracie's 3rd Birthday Party". But I forgot to get a picture. Whoops! 

Cut ALL OF THAT by hand. My hand STILL hurts! ;)  

These were their little table settings. How cute, right? SO EASY. 

We had a lot of the paint stuff already, because Grace loves to paint. But I got a big bag of brushes from Michaels for about $3. 

Gracie has her "G" hanging in her room. :)

Next up was a jewelry making area!! The girls LOVED this! 

Grace especially. She sat and did this for a long time and for a long time after her party was over. I think we were making bracelets for a solid month. 

These were SO darn cute! I got them off amazon, of course. I loved the idea of their party favors being in a paint can. We got some doo-dads from Party City and put a few in there but I mainly wanted these to be used for the piñata candy. 

Grace LOVED having her own piñata to hit. The girls couldn't break open the piñata but that may have to do with how much tape I used to construct it....

 Art bow by my very very favorite hair bow shop: MadiMosBows 

All in all, she had an amazing birthday party, and that's all that matters :) 

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