Friday, May 6, 2016

Love Notes

On the drive home from dropping Daniel off at the airport...I cried. Man did I cry. But I got myself together by the time we got home and I walked in and saw this...

and then I quickly went to my room and sobbed. Only to be greeted by...

A note on my pillow.

and on my bedside table.

Cue more tears. 

I sat and cried to myself for a good little bit. I got myself together and prepared to face X amount of days by myself. I was feeling at least stable until I found another note...and another note...and another...

So far I have found 11 notes around the house. 

Each one is a like a big emotional BOOM and then the waterworks start and I need some time to get myself together.

I LOVE that my husband did this. I have no idea WHEN he did this because we all left the house together. Magic, I suppose.  

We have taped these up around the house, near where he left them. 

I taped Danny's above his bed, and the two he left for Gracie are taped above her desk. She reads them every night before she goes to bed. (I have to choke back tears on that one...) 

I taped the two he left on/by our bed right above our bed. I whisper an "I love you, Daniel. Be safe." before I go to sleep. It makes me feel like I am talking to him. Sounds stupid but hey, I miss my husband and don't get to talk to him often. I do what I can.

I miss my husband. I miss him so much. I can't decide if these love notes make it worse or better but either way I am sure glad he did them.

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  1. Holy emotions batman. I'm tearing up with you! How sweet!!!


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