Sunday, May 8, 2016

Motherhood Is...


Impossibly frustrating. Impossibly challenging. Impossibly exhausting.

Impossibly fulfilling. Impossibly rewarding. 

Impossibly humbling. 

Impossibly magical.

The sweet girl who made me a mother. 

She came into my life unexpectedly and continues to impact my life in the most unexpected and magical ways. She is happy 99% of the time. Even after she gets in trouble, she is just happy. She can make the best out of any situation. She has the best light-up-your-life smile. She has the memory of an elephant and loves to learn. She gets so excited about the smallest of things. She loves FIERCELY and she wants to be everyone's friend. She is the BEST big sister that ever ever EVER was. Danny is so lucky.

She is SO smart and so in tune to people. When I was crying after we dropped Daniel off at the airport she told me: "Mom, don't be sad. It will be okay. Okay? So don't cry." She is so wise beyond her years. She is always surprising me with little tidbits of wisdom. When you actually listen to what she is saying it's impossible not to smile or laugh. 

She challenges me more than anyone else I know. She is VERY independent and sticks to her guns and doesn't ever give up on what she wants or what she thinks is fair. It is so frustrating sometimes but I try not to squash it too much because I know it will serve her well later in life. 

She is sunshine in a little girls body. Our lives, mine especially, are so much brighter with her in it. 

My beautiful, amazing Grace. 


 My sweet little Danny boy. I prayed for this little boy for over a year and he is every prayer personified. He is loving. He is devious little one. He is so so cuddly. He is bubbly. He has his daddy's beautiful eyes and poofy hair. He is all boy. 

He has this ability to be an absolute stinker and when you correct him on it he looks at you, raises his eyebrows and smiles...and he knows he has got you because that chubby cheeked smile can get him out of anything. 

Just like his sister, he is so smart and so independent. He insists on doing everything but change his own diaper. Though he does insist on throwing said diaper away. Speaking of his sister, that would be his number one buddy. When he wakes up before her he will sit outside her door till she wakes up, or if her door is open he will go and wake her up. He smiles the moment he sees her. He hugs her and lays with her as much as he can. They play the whole day long and my whole heart is so full seeing them together. I hope they always love each other this much. 

He changes more and more each and every day. He is such a joy in our lives. My little cuddle buddy.

He was worth the wait. 


is just....insane guys. I have cried myself to sleep over how the day went with my kids. I constantly wonder and worry if I am doing right by them. I wonder if they would be better off with a different mom who has strengths where my weaknesses are. 

But then I remember...for these children, I have prayed. These are my beautiful, perfect, sent from heaven for me, glorious children. NO ONE loves them the way I do.

They were apart of my body for nine months. I prayed for them and their well-being every minute of those nine months...and I still pray for them every day that they have been alive. 

I am imperfect. I am impatient. I struggle ALL the time. I truly do. 

But I never ever struggle with loving them and being grateful for them and the amazing blessing of being a mother---of being THEIR mother. 

I am their mom. I am Gracie and Danny's mom, ya'll. How lucky can a girl get? 

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  1. Girl! I didn't even know you were back in the blogging game... you need to claim your blog on bloglovin so I can follow it!!!

    Anyway Happy Mother's Day!!! Hope you have a fantastic day with your beautiful kiddos!


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