Tuesday, May 10, 2016

You Scream, I Scream

Ya'll...a MIRACLE has happened in my house. A straight up miracle.

Gracie WILLINGLY ate ice cream. 

WHAT?! You say? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?! You say? Are pigs flying?! 

I know. I know. I am shocked, too. I am still not over it really.

(For those who don't know, Gracie doesn't like many sweets. She doesn't eat cake, cookies, popsicles, chocolate, most other candy. The only candy she likes is skittles, starbursts and suckers. That's it, she flat out refuses to try anything else so this was a BIG deal. ) 

Don't believe me? Don't worry, I have photographic evidence!

It was even an ICE CREAM TRUCK ice cream! 

One day we were getting back from grocery shopping and I saw the ice cream truck outside of our neighbors house. I didn't know if she would go for it but I knew Danny would like and I sure as heck wanted one.

Grace picked out the spongebob one, and Danny got the Batman one. I was optimistic but she has picked things out and not eaten them before. 

We went home and into the backyard where my SUPER picky and non-sugar liking daughter ate a spongebob ice cream--with gusto! 

It was one of the moments I wish Daniel was here for. Especially because it was Danny's first ice cream from an ice cream truck experience. He has been fed ice cream before but he's never eaten it on his own before. 

And there is just something special about ice cream trucks. They remind me about everything fun and wonderful about summer. I remember hearing that music and SPRINTING out to get an ice cream. I just have a lot of happy memories involving an ice cream truck, I think all of us do!

Because of Gracie's hyper picky self and her unwillingness to try certain things, we miss out on a lot of memories. So it makes my heart happy that this is one memory we don't have to skip out on. 

YOU scream, I scream, WE ALL (including Gracie) SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM!

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  1. My oldest is the same way. And the same thing happened with us the other day, but with a sugar cookie. I was in shock. She even asked for more.


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