Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Seeeew Cool. (I am SO punny)

Occasionally, I will get a bug up my butt and get my sewing machine out to whip some things up.

I spent a bit of time in costume shops and I was the FCCLA Sterling Scholar, so I know my way around a sewing machine. But most of that knowledge is based in clothing and other things, I don't know much about quilting...and when I say: "don't know much", I mean I know very very little. I have made a few quilts before but they were for school and that was forever and ages ago.

But my Dad's 50th birthday was coming up and I wanted to make him something special, and of course, Pinterest inspired me. So I bugged my friend who is AMAZING at quilting (seriously, almost nonstop with all the bugging) and managed to whip this up!

I will say one thing...BINDING IS SO SO DARN HARD. Especially when you make it yourself. I am buying the pre-made stuff next time. If I could change one thing about this quilt, I would change the binding. 

I had a friend embroider the names of all my Dad's children and their birthdays on the stars.  

It isn't perfect, by FAR. (Remember that adage measure twice; cut once? Yeah. It should be measure three times; cut once. I measured these darn squares TWICE and still had issues. I don't even know.) But having only done a few of these before, I am pretty proud of it. I love the colors/patterns of the fabric I chose. (With a lot of help from my friend. Didn't I mention how much I bugged her?)

My Dad loved it and really, that's all that matters. He even got a little teary. 

He even hung it up in his house!!

I think I will eventually make one of these for my house, but again, with different binding. 

Happy sewing!

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