Wednesday, June 1, 2016

To Be Loved By You

I received absolutely nothing for writing this post. I truly do love this shop and think great shops should be shared!

When I got the news that Daniel would be deploying, I knew that I wanted something I could have on me at all times to show support for him in a subtle way and to just be reminded of his love for us and our country. I have my wedding ring, of course. But I wanted something specifically for this trial. 

For those who weren't at our wedding, our first dance was to James Taylors version of "How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You.)"

 Awwe look at how baby fresh he was! Wee little Daniel. <3 I miss him *Insert sobbing face here*

Anywho, I stalk a few jewelry businesses on instagram one of which is The Silver Loft. 

I knew what type of bracelets I wanted but I was open to suggestions on specifics. The creator of the shop gave me a lot of tips and REALLY worked with me on making this perfect. Like... she was amazing and I was emotional. Surpriiiise surpriiiiise. ;)

I chose To Be Loved By You to be inscribed on the bracelet cuff. Every time I look down at it I remember our wedding, our love for each other and how truly sweet it is to be loved by Daniel.

For the second bracelet I chose a Big R, for Rice, and then four charms. One is the American flag and then the other three are red, white, and blue stones. I got this one for several reasons. 1) We are VERY proud to be Americans. I love our country. We are patriots and I like having jewelry to support that. 2) Daniel is deployed serving this country. It's so hard for me sometimes because I am like SCREW THIS, COME HOME NOW! But I look down and see this bracelet and I am reminded of what Daniel is gone FOR. It doesn't make it all better, but it makes it easier.

Yes, he left his wedding ring behind. (He got a rubber one for the deployment.) I was wearing it the first few days he left but I am allergic to nickle and that chain breaks out my neck. Instead, it sits by my bedside table. 

I think it is important to get through a deployment however you can, do whatever you have to.

I got some bracelets, and it does help.

Crazy how powerful jewelry can be, right?

This purchase started an obsession and I have like...8 more items from this store. Tried and true ya'll. 

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