Thursday, June 30, 2016

We Believe...

Awhile ago I got the impression I needed to work on the Articles of Faith with Gracie. But then...I skunked it off for a little while...until my friend posted a video of her little girl (who is quite a bit younger than Grace) doing the Articles of Faith. BOY DID THAT LIGHT MY FIRE.

But I wanted to do something that would be appealing to Grace. So I made these flash cards and great friend of mine put them on some card stock and then laminated them.

I tape the one we are working on on to her desk. The ones she has got down we tape above her desk. I work with her, purposefully, on Sundays. But if we study them during the week, it is at her urging.

She now knows the first and second Article of Faith by heart. She has part of the third down but can't quite do it without help.

I also made her a sticker chart of sorts. It has numbers 1-13 on it so she can put a sticker over the numbers when she masters them. That is her favorite part. 
I plan to keep taking these photos as she gets them and make a book of them for her. I think it would be cool to look back on! 

I am just so happy she loves to learn the gospel and she wants to share it with everyone. The moment she learns one (and gets her sticker) she wants to call everyone and tell them. I hope that eagerness to share with everyone what she has learned about the gospel.

For those interested: Here are the 13 Articles of Faith (and sticker chart) flash cards that I made for Gracie :)



  1. I printed and laminated them~ Next is to hang them in the kids shower so they have something good to read whilst they are wasting water!

  2. Thank you for sharing. I appreciate your hard work. I am going to use that to teach my primary kids.


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