Friday, July 1, 2016

Ballerina Gracie

I love dance. I LOVE TO DAAANCE. I was even a dance minor in college. Dance and I are BFF's.

When we found out that Grace was a girl I was immediately filled with these visions of my kiddo in tutu's and ballet buns and recitals and glitter! *sigh*

Three years old could not come soon enough.

Pointe shoes bow by my favorite bow shop: MadiMosBows 

Her first day in class, I totally cried. Because this was three years (well, way more if you count my childhood/adulthood of wanting to have a daughter in dance) of dreams and wishes coming to fruition. Yep, I am that mom. 

We started her in a different studio than she is now. We wanted to make sure she liked it before we put her in a recital studio. 

Once we were sure she loved as much as I hoped she would, we switched her into a new studio. She has blossomed SO much since then. 

Ugh. Guys. How cute is she sitting there with her little dance bag? Ugh, My heart. 

It took her a bit to get adjusted to her new studio, but she loves it now and so do I!

I LOVE the owner, she happens to also be the instructor of Gracie's class. I know she's keeping an eye out for Gracie and it means the world to me that she loves my kid too.

I won't lie, I love doing her hair for class. Everything looks cute when you have that face!

She has made some cute little friends, whose moms have also become my very close friends. Ballet has just been a huge blessing in our lives. 

This was taken for a full dress rehearsal for their recital. How cute are they? 

This was on picture day for the recital. K ya'll how cute does she look?!?! I nearly died.

I was a bit nervous of what kind of smile she gave the photographer. Because we passed the kiddo's off to the teachers and didn't get to go in. When Grace gets nervous she sort of gives a crazy smile that makes her look a bit...scary. HA! 

Do you like my picture OF a picture? My scanner wouldn't work :/ 
But this picture is so darn cute I may die.

Ballet has been such a fun outlet for Gracie and for me. I am SO sad to see it end for the summer, not only because Grace loves it but because two of her close ballet buddies are moving this summer. 

Three of the girls in this picture won't be in next years. I can't even think about it for long or I get very sad.
It's so hard to say goodbye when you've gotten so attached. I know I will miss those sweet girls and I will miss their mama's somethin' fierce!

Getting her dance on

Our sweet neighbors came to support Gracie. How sweet are they?!?!

We were all so proud of these girls!!

The flowers and medal she got this year. I framed the picture we took before rehearsal one day and gave it to the girls. I hope they always remember and love each other. 

These women have been an amazing shoulder to lean on during all this deployment mess and have just been GREAT friends to have. Amazing, amazing. I am forever grateful.


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