Friday, July 15, 2016

FBF: Halloween 2015

So remember how PPA kicked my trash all last fall? Well, I thought I'd treat you all to a little FLASH BACK: Halloween Style.

Daniel got to pick the theme this year, and not surprising...he picked Batman. He wanted us ALL to be a family of Batman's. But I shut that down QUICK and used my one veto on that. So I pretty much had to go with whatever else he wanted. He decided on Batman Villains, now THAT I could work with.

Daniel would be The Joker, I would be Harley Quinn, Grace would be Poison Ivy, and Danny would be Penguin.

I think it turned out pretty stinkin' awesome!

Greetings from Arkham! 

(Oh, it's "important" for you to know that he is the Joker from the comics. Not the movies.)

Daniel had WAY too much fun with his costume! He even scared a few kids in the neighborhood. He has creeeepy Joker laugh. Danny thought it was funny, the other kids in ear shot did not. (Well Danny eventually thought it was funny. The first time Daniel did it Danny started crying and wouldn't go near Daniel for like an hour.) 

Danny's costume...guys. It had TAILS. It was so cute. But man, this was the first costume that I made using felt as the base. NEVER doing that again, it was SO hard to manipulate. The pants are fabric and I wish I had just gotten a black cotton and did the top. Would have saved me a LOT of effort. 

He still looked cute though! (Look at the wee little penguin we got him. Bahahah) 

My costume wasn't anything special. I borrow a friends Harley Quinn jacket and then cut out some fabric diamonds and put them on some black pants I had. For the final touch I painted on a mask & added red lipstick. The end. LOL

But man, after Gracie's costume...I was done. I threw together the kids' costumes in FOUR days. FOUR. I was EXHAUSTED. But it was worth it. 

Don't tell Daniel, but her costume is my favorite thing I have ever made. But man, did it take some work. Mainly because I kept adding stuff to it... but shhhh!

When I was looking for how to go about this all I could find was tube top dresses or really really...scandalous dresses. (Which is expected, Poison Ivy is a Master Seductress) Not for me or for my three year old, though. So I came up with this: 

This costume was a BEAST. (So much by-hand detail) But SO AWESOME. SO. AWESOME.

I wish I would have gotten a picture of her before we had gone trick-or-treating. Her hair wasn't so CRAZY and the green and gold were a lot more vibrant. But putting on Daniel's makeup took us FOREVER and we were running late. Ah, well! 

She got a LOT of compliments during the night and it made my little costumer heart beat with pride. I was proud of our little villain group.

I have made all but her first costume. I guess I have to start one of these for Danny, too!

Grace has already informed me she wants to be Cinderella for Halloween this year. Which is HILARIOUS because that's what I wanted her to be last year and have Danny be Prince Charming. This year though? I don't know if I will have time, or help, to be able to pull of this level of costumes again. So if Grace really does want to be Cinderella, I can do that pretty simple, and then I decided I would make Danny be Gus Gus. Because helllloooooo: yellow shirt, brown pants and a beanie. Draw on whiskers. DONE.

I guess we will see though. Children have very fickle minds. We will see what she wants to be in six months.

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  1. The level you go to for costumes is absolutely amazing... and I am jealous. Haha. I should put my sewing machine to work.. someday...


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