Wednesday, July 6, 2016

FHE for Children: I Am Going to the Temple Someday

"Our" temple is the Salt Lake City temple. In my very biased opinion it is the BEST temple EVER. ;)

It's really just beautiful. We have a ton of pictures of it in our house and Gracie knows how special and important it is.

Majestic much?!
I so wish we lived closer to one so we could visit more often with her. One day we will be back in Utah where the temples are like Starbucks--one on every corner!

Every time Grace see's a temple she says "I can get married there one day! When I am bigger!"
I always remind her she has to get a husband first to which she says "I am gonna go get one right now!"

Ya, you do that kiddo.

The point is, Grace loves the temple so this activity was super simple for us and combined her love of chalk and the temple (and it's also the easiest clean-up ever.)

Lesson: I Am Going to the Temple Someday

Because Grace already knows a fair amount about the temple it was nice to already have some working knowledge to go off of. 

We talked to her about how important temples are and that special things happen in the temple that make it so we can all live with Heavenly Father some day. But that you have to be very good to be able to go into one and that it is so very special to be able to go to the temple.

Daniel talked about the importance of our own sealing and told Grace that at one point she was in the temple because she was in there with us as we sealed her and our future children to us forever. He told her how special that moment was for him and for our family. It was pretty sweet.

Then we combined the activity to the lesson.

I made this sort of like a hopscotch to the temple deal.

I drew a HUGE temple on one side of our porch area. The I had little blocks leading up to it that she had to hop to to get to the temple.

You can put whatever you'd like to on these squares. Whichever you think are the most important building blocks to be able to get to the temple. 

Have Faith, Baptism, Testimony, Read your Scriptures, Pray, Be Kind, Be Helpful, etc.

Explain each block as your child jumps on them. I chose the ones we have already had lessons about with Gracie so that she would have a better understanding of the lesson.

She jumped on it for quite some time saying the names of the blocks and then SCREAMING "I AM IN THE TEMPLE!" when she finally got there. It was pretty cute. She still references this lesson sometimes so I think it's a definite win!

Song: I Love to See the Temple

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