Friday, August 5, 2016

Home Sweet Home

(The reason I have been a little MIA for the summer is because I went back to be with family the last few months! I've gotten wary of posting things saying I am going somewhere. Especially while Daniel is gone. Anyway--Back to our regularly scheduled programming.) 

When I left Georgia a few months ago, I was so grateful to be going home. I had been so homesick and with Daniel leaving I was like YES PLEASE!

But the longer I stayed away the more I wanted to be back in my house. I got homesick...for my actual home. 

I think it has officially happened that Utah isn't home for me anymore. Georgia is. Our house is her. Our ward is here. Our friends are here. This is home now. I never felt like this with Monterey, maybe because we always knew we would be leaving, but we know we are here for a bit so we've put down roots and man oh man did I miss them! (Especially being able to walk around in my garments at night! LOL Pajamas are the worst when you wear garments. Can I get an amen!?) 
But just because I missed home doesn't mean I didn't have a pretty good summer. We spent almost 6 weeks with my in-laws and then went to California to spend two weeks with my Dad.

~*~*~* Picture dump *~* ~

I try to get as many pictures as I can of my kids with my grandparents. I hope and pray that they are around for 100 more years but just incase I want my kids to know that they loved them.

Grandma pulling double duty. 

My sweet nephew Ike. We went and spent about a week with my sister and her boys...before Danny got croup and was SUPER freaking sick for a week...and then got me and Nana C sick too. Oof. It was a nightmare. We were all sick pretty much the entire time we were there.

Danny getting a glimpse into his future. 

Okay so I had to sneak this picture. But this is Zach, he is my sister-in-laws boyfriend and Danny LOVED HIM. He was his favorite person in the entire world the ENTIRE time we were there. Zach would walk through the door and Danny would smile and sprint to him with his arms out. It was 100% adorable.

Nana C & Papa C. They would take Grace and Danny on "golf cart adventures" at night. Which was driving them around the neighborhood before bedtime. Papa C would let Grace say "left" or "right" and let her decide where they went, pretty cute stuff. These guys were so generous and helpful to me when I was there. They lent me a car to use the entire time I was there!! And Nana C took me to the ER when I got a HORRIFIC migraine. These guys are winners. I got some pretty awesome bonus family when I married Daniel.

We were in Lehi for the Round-Up week (the week before the 4th) and the kids were all about the candy this year. Grace wouldn't eat it, but she sure liked to catch it! 
(The ground was cold, no worries) 

We spent a LOT of time in this little kiddie pool.

My kids don't really like splash pads as neither of them like water in their faces, but they liked playing on the outskirts of it. LOL
But there was a a lazy river style of splash pad and they both LOVED that one. 

How cute are these cuties?!
 I got new glasses while I was in Utah...that was an adventure! But thankfully it all worked out in the end :)

They got to go and see the UP house! There is someone's ACTUAL house that they built to look like the UP house. Heroes.


We went up the canyon one day and had camp fire dinners. Trying to keep Danny out of the river was not my favorite but they had a blast! 

These two are always laughing and having a good time. I love their sweet relationship.

~~~On to Cali!~~~

The day after we got into California we went to Universal Studios (Harry Potter World is going to be a separate post LOL) and Grace and her Uncle Rob were attached at the hip most of the time. 

He won her a fuzzy unicorn. Watching him with her pretty much melted my whole heart. 

We went to the beach a few times and Grace did NOT want to get into the water. But my dad took her in anyway. She was not thrilled but she smiled? So I call that a win. 

We went on a hike before Rob left and Grace was a trooper for most of it. But near the end she was done, so she got to walk Pixie (the tiny pup) and she forgot all about how she didn't want to walk anymore. Ha! 

This is my dad's wife, Janna. She had something planned almost every day we were there and she made the trip so fun and fulfilling. She was so sweet with the kids. The trip was good for me to get to know her better!

This place was SO cool but it SO FREAKING HOT that day that I was just like--LET'SGOHOMETOAIRCONDITIONINGPLEASE. Especially because my kids do NOT do well when they are hot. But the cafe was really pretty and had a lot of outside games and fun things to do. Definitely someplace I would want to take Daniel back to. 

I am grateful for the trip to California because my Dad got to know my kids better. We don't usually go to visit him a lot because he lives in California or Missouri and 90% of our family lives in Utah so it just makes more sense financially to go where most of the people are. So I am glad we got this time with him. 

One day while we were at some outdoors store getting stuff for Daniel's deployment, Gracie sees the fishing poles and says "Papa Jim is going to take me fishing." And then she wouldn't quit bugging me about it, I heard about it at least once a day. So, for her birthday my dad bought her a Frozen fishing pole and they finally went fishing. 

She caught a PINK fish! How lucky is that? She was pretty much done with the whole thing after she caught it, but at least she quit bugging me about it ;) 

I have a picture almost exactly like this with my dad. He taught me how to swim and he worked really hard with Grace while we were there. She even went under the water and held her breath! She was jumping into the water and going under (I was there to pull her up) and kicking herself across the pool by the time we left. She's not swimming independently yet but I feel like he gave her a good start. 

 We had a LONG summer vacation and it was packed with fun memories. I am grateful to everyone who went out of their way to help me this summer with the kids. I am grateful to everyone for having us out to distract us from this stinking deployment. It made the time go by just a bit faster and I am most grateful for that. Thanks for loving on us, guys. We love you!

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  1. I am so so glad you got to spend time with your family. It definitely makes the deployment go by a bit faster when you are surrounded by people you love!


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