Monday, October 24, 2016

Danny Boy

This boy. THIS. BOY. 

Because of how small Danny is, it is really hard for me to accept how old he is.

But when is brushes his teeth on his own, throws his own trash away, puts himself to's hard to ignore it. 

This little ham and cheese is 19 months old now and constantly keeping me on my toes. 
I have to worry about what he is doing waaaaay more than I ever had to with Gracie. I can't move Danny into a toddler bed yet because he would get into WAY too many shenanigans. 
Like when I came out of the bathroom and he was on my nightstand playing with a lamp. 
He can climb almost anything because he has these massive hands and monkey toes. A recipe for a great climber and nervous mother. It's gotten to the point that I have to try to take him to the bathroom with me because more often than not, Danny is climbing something or already on top of something when I get out. I kid you not.

Look at that concentration!!!

He can also get the cabinet locks off now. So that's been a fun thing to deal with. But he also LOVES to hide from me. Hide and seek is his favorite game. He hides behind his crib, under blankets, behind the couch cushions, in cabinets, in his block box--he really is a cat in that way--wherever he fits, he sits. 

As much as he is a crazy kid I have to constantly keep my eyes on, he is also a chill dude. He likes to lounge sometimes. And he is the biggest cuddle bug EVER. My mom heart EXPLODES.

I mean COME ON!?! Look at those crossed little feet?!?! 

And to cap it all off....

Homeboy started going to Nursery. This was his first Sunday in Nursery. 

He didn't even care about me!! He just left me without a care in the world. This tiny human who I carried in my body for 40 weeks, was in labor with for almost 15 hours, who I have cared for for the past 19 months (18 at that point), just left me in the dust. *insert mom sob here*

But then I got to go enjoy two hours of church by myself and that was pretty magical too, amirite mama's?! It's been glorious! One hour of wrangling Danny in the pew and then two hours of freeedooooom! Those called to nursery are blessed blessed beings, of that I am sure.

I just can't believe he was just born yesterday and is already his own little man (with ten whole teeth!)who doesn't need me all the time *sigh* Ch-ch-chhaaaangeees. 

Time sure is cruel on our mama hearts, isn't it? 

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