Thursday, October 13, 2016

Grace Goes to School

Okay, I am a little late here. Considering Grace has been in school for three months now...Whoooops. 

In Georgia, Pre-School is done on a lottery. Which means that you go in, give all your paperwork. They give you a number and then you hope to the lord they pull yours. If not they have childcare pre-k options, but I didn't want Grace in a daycare. I wanted her in a school. So I was really hoping she'd get a slot. AND SHE DID! Huzzah! *phew*

I have been really worried about how she would do. I wasn't worried with the learning part, Grace is whip smart and rarely needs to be taught a concept twice. I was worried about the social aspect. Grace will, at times, just play by herself instead of with others. She also bosses Danny around like no ones business. So I was a little nervous. But after the first week hiccups, she's been great! 

Her teacher says that when it's time to learn, she is quiet, and she just soaks it up.
She's trying new things like gummy worms, painting with her hands and playing with sand. Which for a kid with some sensory issues, has been amazing.

I've also noticed a HUGE difference in her attitude. Sure, she still has fits. She is four. But they are a LOT better than they were this summer.

I also think being at school has made Daniel's absence a little easier on her. It's something else for her to focus on. She has a lot of friends (mostly boys! ha! Oh man, we are in trouuuuble there) and she is always excited and happy to go in. 
I was nervous because I am a worry-wart of a mother and I just don't want her to get bullied, or be a bully, or get shot at school. (It's so unfortunate that has become a logical worry to have.) I just want her to be okay. But as time passes the anxiety does too.

She loves school and I am so glad! I hope she always does. 

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