Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Life With Two Kids

*on the way to school *
Danny: BALL! *points to something that looks like a ball.*
Grace: That's not a ball, Danny.
Danny: BALL!!!
Grace: There is a bus, and a car, and a truck, and a tree and my school. There are no balls!!
Danny: ...BALL!!!!
Grace: MOM!

Mooooom! He's blocking my view of the windows I'm not even looking at!
Moooom! He's touching me!
Moooom! He took his waffle instead of mine!
Mooooom! I put my pants on backwards because I wasn't paying attention and I'm angry about it!
Moooooom! Danny can't have my vitamins!

Danny wants Grace to play swords with her.
She doesn't want to.
Danny hits her over the head with his sword.
*Danny runs and hides behind his rocking chair, laughing as he goes*

Grace: Mom, I don't want another brother.
Me: Why not?
Grace: Because I already have one. 
Me: Wouldn't you like to have another Danny?
Grace: *the most dead serious face ever* No. 

They love each other. I swear. 

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  1. So cute! I LOVE her hair. I wish my Grace would sit still for that.


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