Friday, October 21, 2016


Lord help us.

Grace has fallen in love with Paw Patrol. While we were with my dad for a few weeks this summer, he turned it on for her and that was pretty much it.

She doesn't even watch it often at home! She only gets to watch it as a reward for good behavior or when I am getting her ready for school in the morning.

But yet, she is obsessed. She has even changed her favorite color to blue because that's her favorite dog's favorite color.

That's her sleeping with her Chase stuffy. She now cannot sleep with out it. 

Paw Patrol pajamas with Chase on them.

I am super annoyed with Nickelodeon right now. Grace's favorite dog is Chase. Chase is a boy dog. So obviously that means he can't be on any "girl" clothing. He can only be on boy clothing. Which means Grace wanted the boy shoes, not the girl shoes. She loves pink and purple, and loved the pink and purple Paw Patrol shoes, but because they didn't have Chase on them, she got the boy shoes that did instead. 

Um. What the HECK, Nickelodeon. Because a girl can't like the boy dogs? She has to like the girl dogs? I know a little boy who loves Skye, but you can't find a darn thing in the boy section with Skye on it. 


I will admit. I have struggled with these stinkin' shoes. They are boy shoes. This is my girl who loves princesses and minnie mouse. She loves sparkly tutu's and dress boy shoes. 

I was worried about her, and am worried about her, getting bullied for wearing and liking boy things. 

But then I thought. SHE IS FOUR! She can like what she likes. If anyone gives her a hard time about it, I will let her know that no one, not even mommy, gets to make her feel about about liking what she likes. 

So with that spirit in mind, she really wanted to be Chase for Halloween. I was hesitant at first for the same reason I was hesitant about the shoes. 

But gosh dang it, Imma let her be whatever the heck she wants to be! 

So Chase it is. 

 I usually make their costumes but with Daniel gone and making two puppy costumes? Imma pass. 

She was so ridiculously happy to put this on. I didn't even pose her here. She has bugged me every day since we picked this up to put it on, but she knows she wants to make sure it's in good condition for trick or treating. 

I can't wait to show you the sparkly Chase bows we picked out to put in her hair. Plus Danny in his Marshall costume, ah! Cuteness. CUTENESS.

Paw Patrol will be out and about this Halloween, so watch out Luna Girl! 

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